TSD-Puzzle Winner

From left, Lynda Wilson, Prizeweek Puzzle winner Elvera Satterwhite and Democrat Publisher Will Weibert pose for a photo with Satterwhite’s winning puzzle entry and her $500 prize.

It only took one week for the Democrat to get its fourth winner of the Prizeweek Puzzle.

Elvera Satterwhite, who lives south of Sedalia, submitted a correct puzzle this week and won the $500 prize. The Democrat launched the puzzle in 2018 as a fun game for readers and has seen four winners so far. The latest contest started May 16 and Satterwhite was a winner on the first try. The previous puzzle launch took 37 weeks for a winner to emerge and the Democrat received nearly 300 entries each week. 

Satterwhite said she’s only played the puzzle a few times, usually when her daughter, Lynda Wilson, of Virginia, is visiting.

Wilson has been in town for almost three months helping care for her ill father, Satterwhite’s husband. Wilson picked up a copy of the Democrat last weekend and found the Prizeweek Puzzle was back so the pair decided to play.

“That was our Sunday afternoon activity,” Satterwhite said. “I did it, she did it, we discussed each item and tried to come up with some logic. … A lot of choices we wondered about, like vigorous and rigorous, we debated that and debated that, even looked up the words in the dictionary. We probably spent an hour and had a lot of fun.”

Satterwhite said she was surprised when she got the call this week about being a winner.

As for the prize money, Satterwhite admitted she’s not much of a shopper and rarely buys clothes for herself, but she “desperately needs shoes so one thing I’m going to buy is shoes.” She’s also going to share the winnings with Wilson, a homeschool activity teacher and nanny who has been out of work during the pandemic.

“It didn’t take long to name our most recent winner so it’s fun to celebrate two winners this spring,” Publisher Will Weibert said. “The Democrat likes offering the Prizeweek Puzzle as a fun feature for our readers and I encourage everyone to give it a try.”

The puzzle will start over May 30. Anyone is welcome to fill out the puzzle in each Saturday edition of the Democrat, then bring it to the Democrat office, 700 S. Massachusetts Ave., by noon Wednesday. Each week that there isn’t a winner, $50 will be added to the prize. If all the answers are correct, subscribers will win the full prize amount; non-subscribers will win half the amount.

A new puzzle will be published in each weekend print edition of the Democrat. All mailed puzzles must be postmarked on or before the following Wednesday. All entries received after these times will not be accepted. All entries must be on the original newspaper copy.

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