Sedalia Visual Art Association artists Matthew Kurz and Kathryn Marshall will have an exhibit showing at the Sedalia Municipal Building, 200 S. Osage Ave., through mid-December.

Marshall is a Sedalia artist who became interested in photography in 2011. She is self-taught and belongs to SVAA, Mid-Missouri Artists of Warrensburg, and the Sedalia Photo Club.

She has had four photos accepted into the Missouri Top 50 art exhibit at the Missouri State Fair and has won awards at the Missouri State Fair’s Floriculture Photo Contest, the Cole Camp Photo contest, the Cole Camp Prairie Days Photo Contest, and the Ag Expo Photo Contest.

Marshall’s photos can also be viewed at the Close Farm Bureau office in Sedalia and at the Art Impressions Gallery in downtown Sedalia.

Kurz is a Sedalia artist who has overcome many obstacles. In 2006 as a high school senior, he sustained a traumatic brain injury due to a vehicle accident. Among other challenges from his brain injury, he lost the use of his right hand, which, prior to his accident, he used to draw and paint. But through his determination to continue creating the art he loves, Kurz learned to paint using his left hand and continues to make strides in his colorful, textured oil paintings. 

Kurz has two different styles of work, representational, and imaginative or expressive. His work has expanded from low brow cultural references and mediums from high school pertaining to personal references and humorous, stylistic examinations to mature master works of self-analysis and discovery.

Kurz’s works include content on spiritual belonging and symbolism of greatness in existence.

For more information on Kurz’s work, visit MatthewKurz.Gallery. 

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