The following students were recently named to the Lincoln R-II Honor Roll for the third quarter of the 2018-19 school year. 

Principal’s A Honor Roll 

Seventh Grade: Kindle Bartley, Zaden Cole, Lexie Dulaban, Madison Hoehns, Shelby Jones, Ella Watt.

Eighth Grade: Kyle Eckhoff, Gracyn Eifert, Ross Johnson, Connor Lynde, Jeffrey Sash, Joyce Turner, Lacey Wiggins.

Freshmen: Levi Campbell, Elkhannah Carson, Lauren Ferry-Sullentrop, Zoey Gates, Carly Haynes, Matthew Kreisler, Ethan Marler, Lauren Morgan, Rachel Morgan, Riley Warren.

Sophomores: James Cooper, Haley Ebeling, Alexis Harms, Lilyan Martinez, Devon Parrott, Cadyn Paxton, Elizabeth Rose, Savanna Schietzelt, Callie Spunaugle, Jordan Young.

Juniors: Jackson Beaman, Bridget Gile, Seth Lakin, Haley Mackey, Chloe Reese, Madison Schietzelt, Reanna Schrader, Daltyn Smeltzer.

Seniors: Christina Eckhoff, Gage Kahler, Lyndsey Koll, Halie Mullen, Aleah Paxton, Genesis Smith, Marisa Smith, Brooke Young.

Scholastic B Honor Roll

Seventh Grade: Taylor Botteron, Tucker Braden, Joseph Kauffman, Allie Keuper, Megan Martinez, Courtney Stephens, Abby White.

Eighth Grade: Shaylen Denny, Dallas Drake, Steven Kranz, Shelby Lutjen, Kristen Manning, Asia Srader.

Freshmen: Jamie Adams, Grace Eichler, Luke Martinez, Caden Smallwood, Cole Smith, Mya Wagers, Erica Young.

Sophomores: Levi Betts, Gabriel Mehrens, Hailey Moore, Anna Painter, Samantha Spurr

Juniors: Hayden Beaman, Joseph Bittner, Porsche Clinkenbeard, Parker Engles, Bo Kroenke,  Hannah Reaves, Dalton Stephens, Kristin Worthley.

Seniors: Landon Bond, Annabel Castellano, Dalton Feagans, Cheyenne Ginn, Tristan Henderson, Shaylee Lutjen, Jaron Miller, Evan Schwedler, Rider Smith.

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