Pettis County Recorder of Deeds Barbara Clevenger recently issued marriage licenses to the following: 

Kyle Avery Doan, 35, to Sara Rhian Wilson, 31, both of Sweett Springs; 

Travis Wayne Ransdell, 28, to Kelsey Elizabeth Townsend, 22, both of Green Ridge; 

Jonathan Lee Hill, 24, to Cheyenne Jean Carter, 20, both of Sedalia; 

Austin Parker Knipmeyer, 22, of Norborne, to Katie Elizabeth Gibbs, 22, of Windsor. 

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Big Jim Cowboy #1

Just curious, does she do divorces as well ?? I was "Catfished" into a wedding with this Pennsylvania chick that's been gone 6 year's, and it's about time to have her not affiliated with me in any way, shape, or form !! This is an actual serious request, from a man new to the area. It was performed in Iowa, but moved here to be close to my only remaining family. I'm disabled, and have no idea where to do this, or even how to go about doing this.

The person I wish to be divorced from moved back to Pennsylvania in '14, so it's not like she's available for help. So any honest replies would be happily appreciated !! More than you could ever know, or at least that can be conveyed through the written word 💯

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