The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased by 41 over the weekend, according to the Pettis County Health Center on Monday. 

There are now 512 confirmed cases as of Monday afternoon. Numbers released Friday showed a total of 471 confirmed cases.  

“The county has seen an increase of at least 89 cases this (last) week,” officials from the health center commented in the Pettis County COVID-19 Task Force briefing Monday. “There is clearly community transmission. 

“Personal choice has not slowed the spread,” the statement continued. “We were concerned in April and May about contracting the disease. The risk is much greater now.”

A total of 6,806 tests have been given to Pettis County residents since testing began, according to the health center. There is a 21.33% increase in positive cases during the last week. Six county residents remain hospitalized for treatment of the disease. There are a total of 112 active cases with 396 individuals having been returned to normal activity.

Statewide, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reports nearly 60,000 Missourians have received a confirmed report of COVID-19 with Monday’s total of 59,594. There have been a total of 1,307 deaths from the virus statewide.

Pettis County health officials issued the following statement on Monday as part of the COVID-19 Task Force briefing: “As of this time, there is no direction from the court placing the face covering rule on hold or declaring the rule invalid. Please wear a face covering while in public places both indoors and out.”

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Why hasn't someone asked the commissioners what they think of the mask order and how it was implemented? I think this would be more newsworthy than repeating everything the Pettis County Health Center tells the Democrat.


Interesting comments from a county health board that went rogue and failed to request that the county commission adopt the rule. As Mr. Sawyer has said residents do not need to fear prosecution, one can only assume nurse Martin and the health board intend to hold court at the health department and levy their own fines. What part of unenforceable order does nurse Martin not understand, particularly if they are already threatening fines. I wonder who their legal advisor is.

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