The following students were recently named to the Pettis County R-V (Northwest) Honor Roll for the first quarter of the 2019-20 school year.

A Honor Roll

Seventh Grade: Allison Ballenger, Kinlee Rae, Kylee Raines, Kevin Zarate, Ruvim Silchuk, Matthew Kozleneko, Ruslan Fayuk, Taylar Arnold, Alyssa Wombles, Gage Killion, Mackenzie Eager.

Eighth Grade: Maisie Richardson, Zoe Richardson, Grace Walker, Kathryn Shane, Alexis Jolly, Karli Smith, Madelyn Willmuth, Valerie Meyer, Cade Fagg, David Thomlinson, Abigail Martin.

Freshmen: Katie Martin, Esther Pichinevsky, Gavin Killion, Elizabeth Gutsman, Lain Tichenor, Brayden Pruitt, Victoria Tkachuk.

Sophomores: Alice Yatskivskaya, Matthew Richardson, Daniel Younger-Loesing, Pierson Tichenor, Kristen Streck, Jackson Weathers, Blaine Kreisel, Nick Crosswhite.

Juniors: Alina Fayuk, Ty Hart, Kristina Kozlenko, Jacqueline Klein, Matthew Slaughter, Carter Weathers, Mason Locke, Aubrey Smith.

Seniors: Margarita Galuha, Vitaliya Galuha, Shelby Young, Emily Gregory, Yana Fayuk, Venessa Garnik, Brittney Perry, Broderick Crawford, Makayla Walbourn, Clayton Hieronymus, Savannah Townsend.

B Honor Roll

Seventh Grade: Blaine Arnett, Tanner Johnson, Kaelin Garrigus, Hunter Arnett, Nichole Banner, Tanner Dohrman.

Eighth Grade: Liuba Cosurco, Sherradee Hood, Lilia Galuha, Mason Cornine.

Freshmen: Grant Burson, Tobias Anderson, Cameron Hood, Jeremiah Hursman, Caitlin Chitwood.

Sophomores: Samuel Pichinevsky, Sidney Douglas, Monty Cornine.

Juniors: Gracie Rice, Moses Smolyuk, Mary Cameron.

Seniors: Keaton Halsey, Cameron Slaughter, Megan Knowles, Jennica Swopes, Kylee Burlingame, Shaylen Crosswhite.

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