The Pettis County Health Center has reported an increase of one positive case of COVID-19 over the weekend for a total of 70 confirmed cases.

According to the health center, there are 30 active cases in Pettis County. A total of 39 individuals have been returned to normal activities. Two patients remain hospitalized. One individual has died in Pettis County as a result of COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. 

As part of the Pettis County COVID-19 Task Force briefing issued Monday, health center officials reported there has been a decrease in the number of active cases in the past week. They noted as more activities are opening up, individuals need to continue to remain careful about staying 6 feet apart from one another and wear masks in public. 

“We want this trend to continue so we can continue to open more events,” officials stated in the briefing.  

Masks are available to the public at the Pettis County Health Center. The health center continues to work with Bothwell Regional Health Center, Katy Trail Community Health and other local partners to collect and distribute masks for every person over the age of 2 in the community. Cloth masks are available in local businesses around the county.

COVID-19 testing is available at Katy Trail Community Health by calling 877-733-5824 for an appointment, at Bothwell Walk In Clinic by calling 660-826-8833 or visiting or at American Family Clinic Urgent Care by calling 660-235-3759.

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