The following students were recently announced to the Pilot Grove High School honor roll for the third quarter of the 2018-19 school year.

A Honor Roll (3.66667 and above)

Seniors: Samarah Bailey, Breanna Childress, Lucas Fahrendorf, Briony Ferguson, Cassie Grandestaff, Dorsan Hern, Aryn Lorenz, Ashleigh Maggard, Luke Remus, Chloe’ Schlotzhauer, Emily Schupp, Gavin Shepherd, Maci Twenter, Melanie Wolfe.  

Juniors: Sydney Bell, Adrianna Day, Hailey Lawrence, Reagan McFatrich, McKenna Vesser,  Chloe Vollrath.

Sophomores: Dalton Bealer, Eric Franklin, Dalton Hazlett, Danae Lammers, Blake Matteson,  Kassidy Monteer, Madison Olsen, Bailey Quint, Dalton Reuter, Dylan Schupp.

Freshmen: Dade Christy, Royce Jeffries, Laura Roth, Gavin Schupp, Connor Streck.

B Honor Roll (3.00000 to 3.66)

Seniors: Taylor Renfro, Alexis Reuter,  Laben Twenter, Ethan Williams.

Juniors:  Cheyenne Baker, Grace Goehman, Lane King,  Garrett Lammers, Zoey Laster,  Cole Meisenheimer, Scott Roth, Abby Schupp, Meghen Twenter, Kealin Vinson.

Sophomores: Luke Kollmeyer, Shelby Manning, Olivia Remus, Caden Thomas.

Freshmen: Tara Arnold, Seth Blumhorst, Natalie Glenn, Kirsten Huggins, Alex Nevins, Grace Phillips, Maddie Pilkington, Ethan Rentel, ClariaMae Roth, Bo Vinson Leah Vollrath.

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