This list is a sampling of crime in Sedalia and the surrounding area. Information is taken from official police reports, which do not necessarily contain statements from all parties involved in each case.

Sedalia Police Department


Sept. 18

3:11 a.m.: Officers stopped a vehicle on 10 Street and Thompson Avenue for having expired registration. The driver was identified from an earlier theft and was wearing the stolen items from the prior incident. Shawn B. Bosworth, 37, of the 1100 block of 11th Street, was arrested for stealing.


Sept. 17

12:18 a.m.: While conducting an area check in the 800 block of South Winchester Avenue officers discovered a van which had been damaged. Its windows had been shot out by either a small caliber bullet or bbs. The owner could not be located at the time of the discovery and no bullets or bbs were found on the scene. Photographs were taken and added to the case file.

10:14 a.m.: Information was received of a possible armed robbery occurring in the 1500 block of East 16th Street on Sept. 15 around 9 p.m.. It was learned during an investigation that a juvenile male displayed a firearm and stole in excess of $100 from the victim. The victim’s mother declined to pursue criminal charges in the matter at the time of the police report.

Sept. 18

9:31 a.m.: An officer responded to the area of North Missouri Avenue and West Jefferson Street for gunshots being heard in the area. The caller said they had heard four gunshots before calling the department. The caller went outside and found three bullet casings in the roadway. The officer recovered three .380 auto bullet casings from the roadway. At the time of the police report there was no additional information regarding any potential victims or suspects.

11:33 a.m.: A victim came to the Sedalia Police Department lobby to report the theft of a firearm. The victim stated sometime between Sept. 2 and Sept. 18 a 12 gauge shotgun was stolen from inside their residence. A suspect had not been identified at the time of the police report.

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