July 29

William Hampy to Kenneth Hampy and Shirley Oelrichs, Barrett and Metskers lot 1, block 3.

Bryan H. Phillips to Bryan H. Phillips Revocable Trust, section 18, township 45, range 20.

Jacqueline Crawford, Margaret Glick and Douglas Glick to JML Remodeling LLC, Green Ridge lots 14 through 19, block 3.

NALYD LLC to Mykel Schlotterbeck, Ware Village Addition lot 5.

Dudley Cramer and Jami S. Cramer to Brad Cole and Charity Cole, Andrus John H. Subdivision, lot 12, block 58.

Carole J. Townsend to Austin C. Tichenor, section 26, township 48, range 20.

Linda L. Hill to Kristina M. Johns and Benton Johns, Deer Lakes Estates Easement, section 5, township 44, range 21; section 8, township 44, range 21.

Matz Properties LLC to Chelsea J. Cole and Nicole J. Cole, Woodlawn lot 79.

Jonathan E. Loganbill and Jennifer B. Loganbill to Whitney V. Williams and Aldinton A.A. Allie, section 7, township 45, range 21.

Rhonda Sue Thommen to Fedor I. Voytukhov and Natalia V. Voytukhova, Maplewood 9th Subdivision, lot 108.

Fedor L. Voytukhov and Natalia V, Voytukhova to Marisol Rubio Alejo and Juvencio Nunez Cornejo, Cotton Brothers 1st and 2nd Addition, lot 4, block 3.

Joseph R. Heck and Earlene R. Heck to Michael B. McDonald and Teresa L. McDonald, Glendale Place, lots 30 and 35.

July 30

Steve R. Hageman, Barbara Hageman, Rita D. Hageman, Scott J. Hageman, Shawn L. Hageman, Lisa G. Bell and Frank O. Bell to Anthony Dywight Quick, West View Addition 2nd Part, lot 18, block 24.

Raymond Hoover and Zara B. Hoover to Jeffery Roberts and Sarajane Roberts, Jackson and Montgomery’s Addition, block 5. 

Bravo Rental Properties LLC to Dean H. Cann and Karyn Cann, Campbell Addition, lot 10, block 13.

John Walter Currier and Cheryl Currier to Cody L. Pemberton, La Monte Hammons lot 3.

July 31

James B. Gargano and Adrienne Gargano to Ryan S. Braunschweig, Heards Addition lots 14 through 16, block 6.

Katherine L. Goodwin and Garrett Goodwin to Bryan C. Trick and Liza A. Trick, Martin and Cottons 4th Addition, lots 2 and 3, block 11.

Alma B. Schupp to Mark Abney and Julie Abney, West View Addition, lot 2, block 18.

Debra A. Dieckman and Todd D. Dieckmann to Helen R. Hostetler and Regan L. Hostetler, section 34, township 47, range 20.

Aaron M. Harris and Katie L. Harris to Thomas Andrew Moore and Andrea Nicole Moore, La Monte lots 202 and 203, block P. 

Brent M. Cavener and Kimberly J. Cavener to Nathan Glenn Anderson and Leisha Ann Coats, section 25, township 48, range 22.

Aug. 1

Sonshine Properties LLC to Spencer Moore, Edwards J.H. Subdivision, lot 6, block 3.

Steven C. Smith to James A. Phillips JR Addition Stewart, lots 9 and 10, block 5.

Travis A. Simpson and Carol Lee Simpson to Ronald H. Fracchia and Sandra J. Fracchia, Walnut Hills Country Club Estates revised Part 2, lot 72.

Vickie Sue Hoamn Trustee and John L and Ruby Faye Dunn Trust, to John D. Olson, Southwest Acres,  lot 5.

Ronald Gerl Youngblood to Peter Cramer and Nichole Faye Cramer, Hunter’s Ridge 9th Subdivision, lot 118. 

William E. Shaw and Gina L. Shaw to Katy Park Baptist Church Inc., section 9, township 45, range 21.

Janet Thomas to Ross Fray, Woodland Estates Replat, lot 8.

Marlene L. Miller and Jackie E. Miller to Marlene L. Miller and Jackie E. Miller, McVey’s 3rd Addition, lots 7 and 8, block 6.

Mary E. Woolery to Mary E. Woolery, Douglas Dean Woolery, Kip A. Woolery, and Jackie Renee Schnakenberg, section 11, township 41, range 22. 

MCN Properties LLC to Christopher A. Todd and Emily Sue Todd, Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, lots 8 and 9, block 33.

Aug. 2

Valerie Zimmerschied and Paul Zimmerschied to Wesley Dasilva and Aline Dasilva, Eaglebrook Farm, lot 9.

Todd J. Hudson and Candy P. Hudson to Jerry Lee Young II and Sarah E. Young, Country Club Estates 2nd Subdivision, lots 62. 

Aaron L. Stover and Sara A. Stover to Christopher S. Kindle and Andrew M. Fischer, Hunter’s Ridge 9th Subdivision, lot 122

Charles Gordon Lowe and Daniel Lewis Lowe, to Anatoliy Kochubey and Anna Kochubey, section 11, township 45, range 22; section  11, township 45, range 22, waterline.

Ronald Shane Muths and Michelle Lynn Muths to Larry Gene Bell and Lea Anne Bell, section31, township 45, range 21; section 31, township 45, range 21, easement.

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