Aug. 5

Benscoter Properties LLC to Jermaine M. Miller, Broadway Heights, lot 16, block 4; section 5, township 45, range 21.

Norman Bishop and David Bishop to Walton Real Estate Development LLC, Pleasant View Addition, lots 8 and 9, block 9.

Aug. 6

Sharon K. Lowman to Jeffrey T. Lowman, Rainbow Addition 1st Subdivision, lot 4, block 2.

Martin L. Wolfe to Carla J. Potter, Brooking Park Village 7th Plat, lot 33.

Katherine Schroeder, Kimberly Schroeder and Kevin Schroeder to Patrick K. Bivins, section 5, township 45, range 21.

Aug. 7

1305 E. Boonville LLC to Lone Pine LLC, section 35, township 46, range 21.

2850 Ingram LLC to Lone Pine LLC, section 10, township 45, range 21.

Stacey L. Greer and Franklin D. Greer to Terri L. Lane, Country Club Estates, lot 9.

Keele Construction Inc. to Kapital Construction Co. section 9, township 45, range 21.

Aug. 8

Mary Alice Flores to Neil L. Perry, West View Addition lots 14 and 15, block 4.

Perry Reed McCollester and Kelly A. McCollester to Kelly A. McCollester and Perry Reed McCollester, section 9, township 45, range 22. Monsees Development Corporation to Monsees Realty Company LLC, Greenbrook Part 2, lot 9; Walnut Hills South Tract B, lot 45; Walnut Park lots 101 through 103.

Monsees Realty Company LLC to John K. Kroeger Construction LLC, Walnut Park, lot 1.

Shane Len Stoneburner to Bradley M. Blankenship, ER Don Villa, lot 19.

Aug. 9

Clifton and Clifton Inc. to Paul W. Brown, Original Plat Sedalia, lot 14, block 43.

Tammy D. Hathaway and Milton Hathaway to Rachelle Rogers and Ashley Stark, Glendale Place, lot 10.

Rachelle M. Rogers to Stafford M. Swearingen and Kathleen E. Ryan, section 4, township 45, range 21.

Pavel Petrashishin, Michael S. Cornine, and Lyubov Petrashishin to Jenny L. Cornine, section 10, township 47, range 21.

GSR Farms LLC to Robert J. Lindstrom Trustee,  Robert J. Lindstrom Trust and Linda B. Lindstrom, section 23, township 45, range 22.

Jennifer Ditzfeld and Kevin M. Ditzfeld to Nicole B. Williams and Joseph A. Williams, section 8, township 44, range 21.

Ginger K. Brucks and Robert J. Brucks to Kevin M. Ditzfeld and Jennifer E. Ditzfeld, Hunters Ridge 4th Subdivision, lot 63.

Simmons Bank to Jeff Arnwine and Samantha Arnwine, section 32, township 46, lot 21.

Joel P. Cruse and Kelsey Holmes to Edwin Lopez and Vera Sophilkanich, Woods, block D. Diane Marie Turley and Lance Turley to Karen Gaye Christensen, Steve Christensen, and Sedalia Nursing Home Inc., Fairview Place block 2.

Alan D. Klein and Char L. Klein to Jimmie A. Rutledge, section 21, township 47, range 21.

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