Nov. 25

Kenneth L. Lutjen and Kimberly K. Smith to James P. Sparks and Joy A. Sparks, Hill Crest Addition, lots 179 to 181.

Brent J. Woodside and Kayla E. Woodside to Debra L. Kalthoff, Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, lots 9 and 10, block 10.

Tamara S. Mills to Jose Cervantes, JR Addition lots 11 and 12, block 2.

Lanny L. Maness and Kathryn Reyburn Mannes to Lanny L. Manness Trustee and Lanny L. Maness Revocable Trust, section 27, township 45, range 20.

Cecillia L. Vosch to John A. Bush and Debra C. Bush, section 19, township 45, range 23.

James P. Sparks and Joy A. Sparks to Chauncey L. Elliott Jr., and Carol Elliott, Brentwood Manor Subdivision, lot 76.

Jacques Harden and Jamie Harden to Austin Tyler Blake Steenburgen and Sheridan Luanne Rohaus, Clifton Woods Addition lots 5 and 6, block 4.

C.L. Henke Jr., and Janice M. Yokley to Lafayette Gordon Bohling, Barretts J.R. 1st block 5.

Michael D. Kindle and Tonya L. Kindle to Jacob R. Adamson, Crandall’s Subdivision, lot 2, block A. 

Nov. 26

DYL Properties LLC to Latonya J. Marshall, Smith and Martin’s 1st Addition, lot 9, block 12. 

Edwin Walters to Rush E. Walters and Mia A. Walters, section 13, township 45, range 21. 

Dusty Dulaban and Hillary K. Heimsoth to Cameron J. Hall, Thompson Hills Addition, lot 158. 

Gregory Lindgren and Cindi Lindgren to Anthony Wilkinson, Rimel’s Addition, lot 5. 

William H. Draper to Lucas Goldsby and Debra E. Goldsby, section 19, township 46, range 23. 

Nov. 27

Charles R. Durham and Mariah D. Durham to Charles R. Durham and Mariah D. Durham, La Monte lots 355 and 356. 

Elana R. Schouten and Phillip L. Schouten to Seth Wilbanks and Brittany Wilbanks, section 23, township 47, range 22. 

Anthony S. Wilkinson and Denise M. Wilkinson to Gregory Lindgren and Cindi L. Lindgren, Thompson Hills Addition, lot 101. 

George Ditzfeld and Terry Liebel to Elizabeth Arlene Feels, West View Addition 2nd Part, lots 10 and 11, block 30. 

Rachel Weber and Alice Weber to Todd M. Wolfe, Broadway Heights lots 11 and 12, block 6.

US Bank National Association to Debra Ann Petree and Gordon Mitchell Petree, M.H. and B. Subdivision, lot 9.

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