Feb. 4

Teri Lynne Neumann and Holly Jo Neary Conservator to Choice Rental Properties, Broadway Heights, lots 11 and 12, block 4.

Betty L. Kennedy to William Noble, section 1, township 44, range 22.

Feb. 5

Stafford M. Swearingen and Gina M. Swearingen to Benjamin C. Knight and Danielle K. Knight, Walnut Hills South, lot 36.

Feb. 6

Debra K. Wulsner, Gregory K. Wulser, Cathy A. Buck, James D. Buck Jr., Shari E. Moore and Jimmy D, Moore to Charles R. Lane and Clara L. Lane, West View Addition 2nd Part, lots 22 and 23, block 20.

Keele Corporation Inc., to Higgins Asphalt Paving Co. Inc., section 9, township 45, range 21; section 9, township 45, range 21, lot 16 corporate acres.

Feb. 7

Ronald L. Lewis and Vickie L. Lewis to Timothy P. Reynolds, Smith and Cottons lot 21 and 22, block 9.

Gregory Bredenhoeft to Eunice E. Rodriguez and Efrain H. Espinoza, Kumms, Rosa V. Addition, lot 2, block 2.

Rachel Fletcher and Ronald D. Garrison to Jessica Paige McKinsey, Browns J. D. Addition, lot 21, block 4.

Feb. 8

Brenda Pauline Parker and Larry Parker to Dale E. Oakes and Judy K. Oakes, Hoff and Madans 2nd Addition, lot 4, block 2.

Robert H. Upton to Dennis D. Dove and Channon L. Dove, section 27, township 44, range 23.

Stonehedge Enterprises LLC to Jackie Thomas, Smith and Cottons 6th Addition, lots 4 through 6, block 3.

Robert H. Upton to Douglas S. Hunton and Brenda L. Hunton, section 26, township 44, range 23.

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