Nov. 18

Holly Ann Barclay to Brian l. Lehman and Allison McIntyre, Heard’s 2nd Addition, block 2; First United Methodist Subdivision lot 1.

Cory A. Rettke and Stephanie S. Rettke to Luke A. Wilcox, Glendale Place lot 14.

Aaron R. McMains and Robin M. McMains to Cory A, Rettke and Stephanie S. Rettke, section 15, township 45, range 22.

Jevon Kempf to South O, Pullets LLC, section 20, township 46, range 20.

Tara Clark, Matt Clark, Shelby Nold, Sara S. Nold, Heath Nold, and Lisa Nold, to Jose D. Morales, Stephensons 2nd Addition, lot 2, block 1.

Nov. 19

Ralph D. Garrigus and Yvette A. Garrigus to Peter Galchenko and Inna Galchenko, West Country Club Estates Part 2, lots 16 and 17, block 30.

Kenya Borke to Donnie Meloy and Denise Meloy, Lakewood Heights Subdivision, section 29, township 45, range 21.

Chris Johnson to Gary Stone and Michelle Stone, West View Addition 2nd Part, lots 4 and 5, block 28.

Christopher Nierman and Johnna Nierman to Matt R. Powell and Brenda D. Powell, Felix Estates, lot 10, block 2.

Helen Wolf Trustee, John E. Wolf Revocable Living Trust, Helen Wolf Revocable Living Trust, and John E. Wolf Trustee, to Aleksandr Scherbina and Lyudmila Scherbina, West View Addition 2nd Part lots 25 and 26, block 22.

Nov. 20

Joshua Driskell and Misty Driskell to Savannah Yeater and Neil Yeater, Shepherd Meadow Estates Plat 1, lot 4.

David C. Lillard to Rodney Allen Paxton, Ritchey’s Addition lots 7 and 8, block 6.

Aleksandr Shcherbina and Lyudmila Shcherbina to Yuriy Limanskiy and Orisya Limanskiy, section 10, township 45, range 21.

Daniil Georgiyev and Oksana Georgiyev to Gennadiy Zalozh and Vladimir Zalozh, Ritchey’s 1st  Addition, block 1, tract 1 and 2; section 33, township 46, range 21, tract 1; section 4, township 45, range 21, tract 1; section 33, township 46, range 21, tract 1.

Nov. 21

Judy A. Dalton to Judy A. Dalton Trustee and Judy A. Dalton Revocable Trust Agreement, Glendale Place, lot 25.

Nov. 22

Lakeview Loan Servicing Inc. to Dillner Enterprises LLC, Parkview Revised lots 7 and 8, block 8.

Judy Meyer and Robin Williams to Billie Jean Butler and Larry D. Butler, Woodlawn lots 45 and 46.

Lisa Grace Mueller to Zachary D. Johnson, Hughesville lots 1 and 2, block 14.

Wesley Kent King and Marissa King to Carl G. Kempf and Marsha D. Kempf, Covered Bridge Estates Plat 1, lot 14.

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