Jan. 21

Thomas Reid and Stephanie Cornine Reid to Scott E. Wicker and Melanie K. Wicker, DeJarnette Acres, lot 12.

Daniel Lara Alvarado to Alma Morales Meza, West View Addition 2nd Part, lots 24 through 26, block 31.

Eldo Emerson Eaglen IV, to Carlos Lopez, Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, lot 2, block 24.

Jan 22

Norman Lowry, Donald L. Blankenship, Sandra Blankenship, Michael Wissman, Mark Wissman and Cynthia Lowery, to David Kasza, section 4, township 46, range 22.

Leovigildo Marcos Lazaro and Ana Alonso to Victor H. Marcos and Mayra L. Marcos, Browns Edward Subdivision, lots 1 through 3, block 5; McVey’s Addition to Sedalia, lots 2 through 6.

Jan. 23

Joseph Paul Mullen and Pattie V. Mullen to Marcus Green and Twyla Sockness, section 15, township 46, range 23.

Jan. 24

James T. Leipart and Dawn A. Liepart to Dawn M. McMullen Family Trust, Walnut Hills Country Club Estates revised Part 2, lot 62.

Jeffry M. Stone and Leslie M. Stone to Clara Lock, West View Addition, lot 7, block 13.

James S. Sneed and Stephanie Sneed to Jason S. Sneed and Tina L. Sneed, section 31, township 46, range 20.

Deneen Girgin, Aydogan Girgin and Melissa Moritz to Emilee Dahman, Windsor Willa Estates, lots 30 and 31.

Deneen Kay Girgin, Aydogan L. Girgin and  Melissa Gail Girgin to Emilee D. Dahman, Windsor Willa Estates, lot 31.

Rebecca Scott to Timothy A. Spalding, Martin and Smith 2nd Addition, lot 9, block 50.

Michael C. Johnson and Monica Johnson to Sara Gil, Smith and Martins 1st Addition, lot 2, block 15; Jackson and Montgomery’s Addition, block 8.

Roquet Rentals LLC to Vitaliy Timoshchuk, Shepherd Meadow Estates Plat 2, lot 60.

Roquet Rentals to Vitaliy Timoshchuk, Shepherd Meadow Estates, Plat 2, lot 59.

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