Dec. 30

Chris E. Toalson and Penny L. Toalson to Bradley M. Howard and Betty J. Howard, section 5, township 44, range 21.

Roquet Rentals LLC to XTM and MKR LLC, Shepherd Meadow Estates Plat 2, lot 56.

Pioneer Properties LLC to Kapital Construction, Lawndale Addition, lots 173 through 175.

Diane L. Shipley to Aleksandr Vivsik and Oksana Vivsik, Smith and Martins 1st Addition, lot 4, block 16.

Larry Bergsieker and Tammy Bergsieker to Shane Snider, section 12, township 45, range 21.

Kenneth Ray Winfrey to Andrew A. Savage, Westmoreland Place Addition, block 4.

Willis Byler and Lydia Byler to Justin B. Jensen, Bullards S.K. Subdivision, lots 2 and 3, block 1.

Dec. 31

Robert Wayne Green to RAC JAC Properties LLC, Pacific Heights, lot 12, block 20.

Norma J. Furnell and Furnell Family Trust to 2nd Street Leasing LLC, Original Plat Sedalia, lot 6, block 45.

Meagan MacKenzie Lewis to Merari Pena and Magaly Pena, Woodwards Addition, lots 10 and 11, block 1.

Mark Alan Manley, Sharon Manley, James Edward Manley, Kathy Manley, John Robert Manley, Vanita Manley, and Michael Manley to Aztech Contracting LLC, section 9, township 45, range 21.

Jan. 3

Franklin D. Gooch to David Schlotterbeck and Mykel Schlotterbeck, Parkview Addition, lots 9 and 10, block 9.

Deborah Rouchka and Stephen R. Rouchka to James D. Vinson, Fairview Place, block 15.

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