May 4

Keele Construction Inc. to Michael F. Ayres and Barbara J. Ayers, section 9, township 45, range 21. 

Christina L. Randolph to Timothy E. Doogs and Gina l. Doogs, section 10, township 44, range 21. 

Gerland W. Johnson and Amanda Johnson to Samuel Hieronymus and Rhonda J. Hieronymus, section 34, township 48, range 21. 

May 5

Vyacheslav Trushenko and Yelena S. Trushenko to Landon O’Neal, Wells 1st Addition, lot 13. 

Susan Jane Holden, Beth Ann Cole, Nancy Cargerine Holden, Dana M. Calise, Mary Jo Calise and James Henry Holden to Anatoliy A. Derkach, section 21, township 45, range 21. 

Anatoliy A. Derkach to Anatoliy A. Derkach, Nikola A. Derkach, Valentina V. Derkach, Petro A. Derkach, Tatyana A. Derkach, Stepan P. Vakulich, Yudmila A. Vakulich and Andrey A. Kondratyuk, section 21, township 45, range 21. 

Richard Breheim and Barbara Breheim to Timothy S. Byrd and Katlyn Bird, section 36, township 47, range 20. 

May 6

Federal Home Mortgage Association to Mary Corpe, West View Addition lots 24 and 25, block 5. 

Aaron M. Pate and Megan Pate to Joshua A. Wyrick, section 9, township 45, range 21. 

Christina Kay Rogers to Max E. Mitchell and Deborah Gillespie Mitchell, Embassy Park Condo 2, lot 16. 

Kerri Leigh Burrows and Matthew John Burrows to William F. Rader Jr., and Angela K. Rader, Barrett's J R. 1st, block 8; section 4, township 45, range 21. 

US Bank to Betty Jean Jones, Ritters Addition lots 4 and 5, block 5. 

Heath Edward Jeppson and Rebecca Jo Jeppson to Michael Harlow and Melissa Harlow, section 17, township 45, range 21. 

May 7

Zakhar Izoita and Neadezhda Izoita to Kurt Sanders and Malissa Sanders, section 14, township 46, range 20. 

Sullivan Builders LLC to Agda Bocato, Prairie Heights lot 27. 

Shirley A. Johns to Nathan Kolkmeier and Brittany Kolkmeier, North Lodge lot E; section 28, township 47, range 21. 

Rhoads Rentals LLC to Joseph J. Tessmer, Suburban place, lot 6, block 1. 

Charles S. Boone and Angela F. Boone to Joseph C. Walters, section 15, township 46, range 23. 

Vladimir Tutevich, Vera Tutevich and Tim Kondratyuk to Matthew Renefrow and Morgan Renefrow, section 21, township 47, range 21.

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