Dec. 23

Steve Ozburn to Joseph Newland and Ciara Newland, West View Addition, lots 6 and 7, block 8.

Gladys L. Biggs, Karen Annette Biggs Thornton and Rhonda Kay Biggs Zink, to Michael Wright, Belle Place, lots 12 through 14, block 6.

Amber S. Goschy to Tyler Karl Hoffert and Kyla Marie Hoffert, Rainbow Addition 2nd Subdivision, lots 14 and 15, block 7.

Randal E. Scotten and Lisa A. Scotten to Koenig Family Trust, section 33, township 44, range 22; section 32, township 44, range 22.

Randall L. Wiley and Tami L. Wiley to Stanley Z. Martin, Smith and Cotton Addition, lot 5, block 53.

Charles E. Grace and Phyllis J. Grace to Lesya Boyko and Diana Boyko, Grand View Estates, lots 7 and 8.

Susa Katherine Williams to Martha L. Briscoe, Brooking Park Village 5th Plat, lot 20.

Dec. 26

Peggy Sparks and Nolan Sparks to Sergey Galchenko and Anna Galchenko, Cambridge Country Estate Phase 4, lots 9 through 13.

Jeffry M. Stone and Leslie M. Stone to Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Smith and Martins 1st Addition, lot 5, block 16.

High Point Farms LLC to John G. Higgins and Diana E. Higgins, section 8, township 47, range 21.

High Point Farms LLC to Sharon E. Rayl and Charles F. Rayl Jr., section 21, township 47, range 21; section 28, township 47, range 21; section 17, township 47, range 21.

High Point Farms LLC to Roy Lyn Rayl and Becky E. Rayl, section 15, township 47, range 21; section 17, township 47, range 21.

RAC JAC Properties Inc. to Jeff McGraw, Prestwick Farms, lot 8, block 1.

Dec. 27

E.W. Thompson Inc., to Bradley A. Rea and Sarah E. Rea, Thompson’s Addition Part 6, lot 11.

Larry Turner and Ola Fay Turner to Beverly J. Swain, Sharon S. Ray, Sandra F. Long and Shirley G. Simmons, section 15, township 45, range 23; section 16, township 45, range 23.

Dec. 27

Ann L. Tylar to Ronald G. Hansen and Linda G. Hansen, Green Ridge, lots 7 through 9, block 2.

Gerald L. Abney to Erik Gubogelo and Anna Gubogelo, section 32, township 46, range 22. 

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