July 6

Virginia E. Weikal and Kenneth E. Weikal to Stephen E. Weikal Trustee and Weikal Irrevocable Trust, section 20, township 46, range 23. 

Danny R. Eckles and Mary Elizabeth Belt Eckles to Danny R. Eckles Trustee, Mary Elizabeth Belt Trustee and Belt Eckles Trust, section 31, township 46, range 20; section 7, township 45, range 23. 

Holem Bobcat and Excavating Inc. to Ideal Fire Services LLC, section 7, township 45, range 20. 

Kristopher A. Livingston and Denise L. Livingston to Jacob Baker, section 11, township 46, range 23. 

John W. Slivkov and Jenna L. Slivkov to Jennifer Norman, Suburban Place, lot 7, block 2. 

MVRK Developing LLC to Debra K. Collier and Herman S. Collier, West Country Club Estates Part 4, lot 79; West Country Club Estates Part 5, lot 80. 

Terry L. Humphreys, Charlotte A. Shepard, Steven K. Shepard, Cynthia A. Buck, James P. Buck Jr., and Catherina A. Humphreys to Walter F. Cox, McVeys 2nd Addition, lot 2, block 7. 

July 7

Group M Real Estate Management LLC to David Wayne Miller Jr., Dundee Place lots 9 and 10, block 2.

Saundra A. Azan and Nohaud R. Azan to Brian Jacobi and Elizabeth Jacobi, DeJarnette IRA 1st, lot 4, block 6. 

Larry William Muhr and Judy A. Muhr to Viktor Kaminsky and Nelya Kaminsky, Brooks Green Subdivision, lots 1 and 2. 

July 8

Ilya Sarioglo and Zinaida Sarioglo to Viktor Bertash, section 2, township 45, range 23. 

Johnson Farms LLC to Scott A. Applegate and Rhonda J. Applegate, West View Addition, lots 9 and 10, block 5.   

Jerrold D. Stapley and Sondra G. Stapley to Lawrence Jordan, West View Addition 2nd Part lots 11 through 13, 

Matthew Davis and Stacy Davis to Zachary F. Howard, Crescent Hill, lots 18 and 19, block 3. 

City of Green Ridge to JML Remodeling LLC, Green Ridge Evered lots 1 and 2, block 11. 

Dianne M. Pilant to Aaron Pilant and April Pilant, section 35, township 46, range 22. 

Anne Mizer to Henry E. Zelaya and Silvia Leticia Linares, Rainbow Addition 1st Subdivision, lot 23, block 1. 

July 9

Daniel M. Kroeger and Mary G. Kroeger to William Charles Taylor, section 5, township 47, range 20; section 32, township 47, range 20, section 6, township 46, range 20.

Backbone Properties LLC to Michael R. Perusich and Michael R. Perusich Living Trust, section 6, township 45, range 21. 

Jeremy Wade Lefevers, Misty Lefevers, Amy Lynn Long, Patrick Long, Josh Vanbooven, Kyla Vanbooven, Jesse Vanbooven and Jolee Vanbooven to Eduard Gubarik and Yana Gubarik, East Sedalia, lot 10. 

James Blake Merrell and Cassie Dawn Merrell to Stephen J. West and Lauren M. West, section 7, township 43, range 23.  

Karen Gail Schmedding and Dale R. Schmedding to Nathan Paul Reson Browns J.D. addition, lots 13 and 14, block 4. 

Nathan Paul Reason to Genesis Home Solutions LLC, Browns J.D. Addition lots 12 and 14, block 4. 

July 10

Cheryl C. Deuschle and Stanley E. Deuschle to Adam Nevils and Brenda A. Nevils, section 25, township 47, range 20. 

Daniel Rogers and Heather Rogers to Eigsti Properties LLC, Edwards J. H. Subdivision, lots 2 and 3, block 2. 

John K. Kroeger Construction LLC to James L. VanHorn and Susan M. VanHorn, Walnut Park 2, lot 10. 

David L. Faulkner Trustee, David L. Faulkner Revocable Living Trust and Sara Jo Faulkner Revocable Living Trust to Steven R. Stidham, Rainbow Addition 2nd Subdivision, lot 18, block 5. 

Noah M. Killion to Joshua R. Flores, section 8, township 46, range 20. 

Raymond McNeeley and Dawn D. McNeeley to Raymond McNeeley and Dawn D. McNeeley, section 29, township 46, range 20; section 29, township 46, range 20, utility easement.

Kyle J. Nickel, Rachel E. Nickel, Judy Aeschbacher and David Aeschbacher to Adam M. Muccui Jr. and Mistie M. Muccui Jr., section 15, township 45, range 21.

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