June 24

Matz Properties Partnership to Hector Manuel Paez Beltran and Martha Libia Paez, West View Addition, lots 9 and 10, block 16.

Hector Manuel Paez Beltran and Martha Libia Paez to Roy R. Pounds and Amanda L. Pounds, West View Addition lots 9 and 10, block 16.

Linda M. Hudson to Assad Shaffiey and Suhalia Shaffiey, West View Addition 2nd Part, lot 17, block 27.

Kroeger Properties III to Zeus Properties & Enterprise LLC, section 17, township 45, range 21.

June 25

John D. O’Connell and Janet R. O’Connell to Victor G. Thomlison and Anna E. Thomlison, section 17, township 47, range 22.

Gary W. Grotzinger and Karla A. Grotzinger to Taylor Family Trust, section 5, township 46, range 23.

Matthew D. Eisenbarth and Amanda L. Eisenbarth to Jeffrey Logan, Sharon Logan, Jeffrey Logan Family Trust and Sharon Logan Family Trust, section 17, township 42, range 1.

CitiMortgage Inc., to Veterans Affairs, Smith and Cottons 7th Addition, lots 2 and 3, block 15.

June 26

Kevin J. Forbes to Jacob Martin, section 14, township 46, range 23.

Cheryl L. Heeren to Steven Graff and Ann Graff, Broadway Heights, lots 1 through 3, block 5; Broadway heights lots 10 through 12, block 5.

Steven D. Graff and Ann E. Graff to Cheryl Heeren, Rainbow Addition 2nd Subdivision, lots 16 and 17, block 3.

David Brent Hodge to Chase Meinershagen and Amber Meinershagen, section 20, township 47, range 21.

Gregorio P. Ramos to Aida Gutierrez Mejia and Mary Yary Rincon Elizondo, Westmoreland Place Addition, lot 4, block 4.

June 27

Maxime Kondratyuk to Victoria Izoita and Maxime Kondratyuk, Lawndale Addition, lots 51 and 52.

Kerry Schroeder and Stephen Schroeder to Robert K. Meyer, Green Ridge Evered, lots 1 and 2, block 2.

Jason Underwood to Shania Harris, Georgetown Original plat lots 18 through 19; and lots 40 through 41.

R. Neal Janney to Cody James Schibi, Felix Addition lots 1 through 3, block 1.

Joseph B. Brown and Paula Brown to Sikoutris Properties LLC, Lesher and Brothers lot 7, block 2.

Crystal Luke to Aleksander Shcherbina and Lyudmila Shcherbina, section 10, township 45, range 21.

June 28

Henrietta W. Bremer and Edward M. Franke, POA to Christopher R. Bolling, Hughesville Pope 1st Addition, lots 39 through 44, block 17.

Tracy D. Johnson to Linda Hill, Dal Whi Mo Place, lot 11, block 3.

Jerry Monette, Gerald G. Monette, and Melissa Monette to Sierra Lacetta Slaughter and Davis Joseph Slaughter, Windsor Villa Estates, lot 9.

Carmen Taylor to Richard D. Ault, Original Plat Sedalia, lot 7. block 12.

Monsees development Corporation to Monsees Realty Company LLC, Walnut Park lot 104.

Nathaniel Nevels and Stephanie Nevels to Thaddeus Nevels, West View Addition, lot 3, block 24.

Jane Gray to James O. Cooney and James O. Cooney Revocable Trust, Embassy Park Condo 2, lot 15.

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