June 8

Andriy Husyev and Alla Husyev to Dmitriy Timoshchuk, Chapel Wood Estates 3rd Subdivision, lot E.

Mary R. Dalton to Kehl Family Trust, Mary Elizabeth Kehl Trustee, and Roy Willima Kehl Trustee, section 5, township 44, range 20. 

Philip S. Clevenger and Brandy Clevenger to Daniel J. Niehhaus and Amelia L. Niehhaus, section 31, township 48, range 23. 

Ned E. Whisler to Donald R. Merk and Janice L. Merk, Brooking Park Village 7th Plat, lot 30. 

Tracey D, Addis and Damieon S. Addis to Bryan Allen and Holly Allen, section 23, township 45, range 22. 

June 9

Donald R. Merk and Janice L. Merk to Jennifer J. Whitesell, Smithton lots 10 through 12, block 23. 

Jonathan Skrzypxzak to Kenneth Hutchinson, Westmoreland Place Addition, lot 4, block 4. 

David Cachero and Jennifer Cachero to James Bacon, Arlington Heights Addenda, lot 4, block 2. 

June 10

Sergy Zayats to Alexander V. Kolesnikov and Kateryna I. Kolesnikov, section 23, township 45, range 21. 

Classic Property LLC to Lloyd E. Myears and Mitzi K, Myears, Green Ridge Vaughn lots 1 through 4, block 8. 

Danny M. Gallo and Tori Lyn Gallo to Michael L. Stultz and Loqueeta A. Stultz, section 9, township 45, range 21. 

Rick Alan Pitrtle and Susan Gayle Pirtle to Rick and Susan Pirtle Family Trust, Rick Alan Pirtle Trustee and Susan Gayle Pirtle Trustee, Ware Village Addition lots 24 and 25. 

June 11

Carol A. Rhoads to Kenneth A. Dake and Brenda K. Dake, section 34 and 35, township 47, range 21; section 2, township 46, range 21. 

James Matthew Clark to Dustin A. Baker and Tabitha Baker, Hecks Addition lot 4; section 8, township 45, range 21. 

June 12

Jennifer A. Panicco to Bradley I. Pistel, Fairview Place block 27. 

Jesse McCullough and Emily McCullough to Margarita Guapalupe Contreras, Letourneaus 3rd Addition, lot 54. 

Heather Dickman to Brittan G. Smith, Walnut Hills Country Club Estates Revised Part 2, lot 88. 

Ellis D. Osbourn to Paul J. Zimmerschied, Westmoreland Place Addition lot 4, block 2. 

Emerson Scott Meyer and Theresa A. Meyer to Larry D. Arnold and Nancy A. Arnold, section 11, township 47, range 20. 

Trena Sue Woolery to Heather Bryuson, Arlington Heights Addenda, block B. 

Yuriy Limanskiy and Orisya Limanskiy to Vitaliy Limanskiy, Suburban Place, lot 10, block 2. 

Robert L. Reason to City of Sedalia, Browns J.D. Addition, lots 1 and 2, block 3. 

Bradley A. Arnold to Jacob Harrison and Victoria Harrison, Southwest Village, lot 14, block 7. 

Jill R. Weller and Gregory D. Weller to Lisa M. Rivers, Fairview Place, block 20. 

Pamela T. Rodgers and Lyle Rogers to Thomas L. Watt, La Monte, lots 108 through 113, block J. 

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