May 28

Bryan J. Stringham and Christmas J. Stringham to Steven W. Futscher and Vicky L. Futscher, Cambridge Country Estates Phase 3, lot 11.

Casey D. Graham and Elena D. Graham to MAK Revocable Trust, section 13, township 45, range 22.

Katie Jobe, Tracy Millard, Travis Jobe, and Steve Mallard to Sergei Tikhonov and Tatiana Tikhonov, Smith and Cottons 7th Addition, lot 22, block 3.

Daniel S. Holt and Lorena L. Holt to Robert W. Arnold and Rebecca M. Arnold, Hunter’s Ridge lot 15.

Cooperative Workshops to Center for Human Services Inc., section 32, township 46, range 21.

William H. Hampy to Helen F. Mahnken, Kenneth C. Hampy and Shirley Oelrichs, Barrett and Metskers lot 2, block 3.

Marilyn Belwood to Mark Bellwood, section 22, township 48, range 21; section 3, township 47, range 21; section 6, township 47, range 21; section 1, township 47, range 22.

May 29

Cody L. Pemberton to Cheryl Currier, La Monte Hammons, lots 3 and 4. 

Schlib Family Trust, Gary D. Schilb Trustee, Teri L. Schilb Trustee, to Diocese of Jefferson City Real Estate Trust, Original Plat Sedalia block 50.

John David Benson and Karen Ann Benson to Lori Lynn Wrightman, Walnut Shade Subdivision, lot 1.

Brandi L. Webb and Samuel S. Webb to Ryan Rimel and Renee Evelyn Summers, Glendale Place lot 69.

Jason M. Carver to Grant R, Holman Trust and Grant R. Holman Trustee, section 32, township 47, range 20.

Jeremy A. Fly and Jessica Fly to William E. Shaw and Gina L. Shaw, Monsees Lake Estates 2nd Subdivision lot 38.

Christa Alcorn and Michael Fillicetti to Leonard Sigman and Leanna Sigman, Southern Hills Subdivision, lot 41.

May 30

Aleksandr Shuda and Marina Shuda to Logan J. Downey, East Sedalia lot 3.  

Mila Formuzan and Vyacheslav Formuzan to Matthew C. Cover and Robin M. Cover, Hill Crest Addition lots 210 through 212.

Jamie Cooper and Donald E. Coper Jr., to Aleksy Bgatov and Marina Bgatov, section 5, township 44, range 21.

Mary Jeanette Hurt to MET Properties LLC, Sunset Subdivision lots 15 and 16.

Jerald Amoth and Donna Amoth to Walter L. Schrader Sr., section 36, township 44, range 20.

Ruano Chavez, Antonio Giovanny and Maria Guadalupe Ruano to Aleksey Bgatov and Marina Bgatov, Thompson Hills Addition, lot 150.

Clinton R. Shoemaker II and Jennifer Shoemaker to Brendan Rusk and Darian Burton, section 36, township 44, range 20.

Timothy M. Hughes and Larisa N. Hughes to Gary Alexander Pahlow and Montana Gale Hedrick, Stewart Jr. Corrected Plat, lots 3 and 4, block 3.

May 31

North American Savings Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Smith and Cotton 8th Addition, lots 2 and 3, block 1.

JAG Management LLC to Dillner Enterprises LLC, Hecks Addition lot 7.

JAG Management to Dillner Enterprises LLC, Cotton Brothers 1st and 2nd Addition, lot 1, block 20.

Elizabeth R. Sullivan and Benny W. Sullivan to Aaron R. McMains and Robin M. McMains, section 15, township 45, range 22.

Jill B. Kindle and Justin A. Kindle to Debra K. Collier and Herman S. Collier, West Country Club Estates Part 2, lot 39.

Mary R. Dalton to Roy W. Kehl and Mary E. Kehl, section 6, township 44, range 20.

Keele Construction Inc. to Keele Construction Inc., section 9, township 45, range 21.

Derek Griffen to Kylee R. Griffen and Timothy C. Caldwell, Rainbow Addition 1st Subdivision, lot 18, block 1.

Mary E. Cook and Holli L. Cook to Aleksandr Vivsik and Oksana Vivsik, section 14, township 45, range 22.

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