Oct. 21

James Allen Welch and Kristen Lee Welch to Katlyn N. Wright, Southwest Village, lot 25, block 1. 

Carey Walk and Tammera Walk to Miles Curry, section 33, township 46, range 22. 

Michael E. Williams to MBR9 LLC, section 3, township 44, range 20. 

Matz Properties Partnership to Ariana Martinez and Gabriela Galvan, Hale and Gentry Addition, lots 6 and 7. 

James C. Stockwood, Trudy Stockwood, Robert L. Stockwood, Julie L. Stockwood, and George Stockwood to Jeffrey T. Lowman and Tenea L. Lowman, section 12, township 45, range 22. 

Oct. 22

Judith A. Rudisill and Martha Jean Straka to Pioneer Properties LLC, Parkview Revised lots 27 and 28, block 8. 

Wanda L. Braden to Robert Saxton and Mary Saxton, section 9, township 45, range 21. 

Stacy Wheeler and Shawn Wheeler to Janet C. Cox and Marcus E. Cox, Vaughns Addition lot 3, block 7. 

Viktor Tkachuk and Alla Tkachuk to Roman Pylpovets and Marina Pylpovets, section 7, township 46, range 21. 

Oct. 24

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Petr Grigoryev and Amy Grigoryev, Smith and Cottons 8th Addition lots 2 and 3, block 3. 

Oct. 25

James C. Spangler and Darla R. Spangler to Donald M. Lesmeister, section 4, township 44, range 23. 

Frances L. Johnston and Harold Kevin Johnston POA to William L. Blackby II and Holly R. Blackby, Fairview Place, block 28. 

Sergy Zayats to Vasily Bezlisyuk, Vera Bezlisyuk, and Daniel Bezlisyuk, section 24, township 45, range 22. 

Michael C. Johnson and Monica Johnson to Nathanael Bailey, Smith and Cottons 7th Addition, lots 10 and 11, block 3. 

Mildred C. Demois and Heather Bryant POA to Jonathan L. Boggs, Coes Addition lot 3, block 4. 

Benjamin B. Nelson and Terra L. Nelson to Robert L. Stockwood, Woodlawn Estates Replat, lot 18. 

Jeffrey A. Marshall and Karen E. Marshall to Violeta Usyk and Yuriy Usyk, Dundee Place, lots 8 and 9, block 3. 

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