Sept. 30

Stephen M. Poort and Donna M. Poort to Madeline Kempton and Samuel R. Kempton, Walnut Hills Country Club Estates 1, lot 26.

Gregory S. Prouty and Melanie Brooke Prouty to Melanie Brooke Prouty, Southwest Village Tract A. lot 13, block 15.

Landmark Equity Group LLC to Irina Ostarkov and Dmitriy Ostarkov, Maplewood 12th Subdivision, lot 162.

Evelyn Richards and Linda Diane Youngblood to Dickie D. Gillaspie, Laurel Heights 2nd Addition, lot 9, block 1.

Teresa A. Robins, James M. Robins, Donna R. McWilliams, Ricky Lee McWilliams, Deana S. Anderson, Raymond T. Anderson, Barbara L. Little, Edward D. Little, Sydney J. Fiebelman, and Dennis D. Fiebelman, to Christopher L. Grissom and Rebecca Grissom, section 35, township 45, range 20; section 26, township 45, range 20.

Marcia A. Freeman to Laura Dwire, Arlington Heights Subdivision blocks 1 through 4, and 6 through 7, lots 9 and 10, block 3.

Dickie D. Gillaspie to Marcia Freeman, Country Club Addition, lot 9, block 7.

Oct. 1

City of Windsor to Sean Blythe and Courtney Blythe, section 6, township 43, range 23.

Samantha N. Easter and Robert L. Easter to Matthew E. Dawson and Callie J. Dawson, Lakewood Heights Subdivision lot 3; section 29, township 45, range 21.

Matthew E. Dawson and Callie J. Dawson to Michelle Walz, DeJarnette IRA 1 lots 5 and 6, block 1.

Suzanna J. Simons and Michael Simons to Melville Properties LLC, Southwest Village Tract A, lot 14, block 12.

Larry D. Horton and Sharon K. Horton to Larry D. Horton Trustee, Sharon K. Horton Trustee, and Horton Family Trust, Walnut Hills Country Club Estates Revised Part 3, lot 23.

Trans Central Suppliers Inc., to Brooks Realty Partners LP, section 17, township 45, range 21.

Donna L. Thompson to Kathleen L. Howe, Cambridge Village, lot 51A.

William E. White and Etta Jo White Family Revocable Trust to Etta Sue Plummer Successor Trustee and Etta Sue Plummer, section 28, township 45, range 23; section 33, township 45, range 23.

Melville Properties LLC to Brittanny Johnson, Browns E.T. 2nd and 3rd Addition, lots 8 and 9, block 5.

Melville Properties LLC to Walton Real Estate Development LLC, Ritchey’s 2nd Addition, lot 5, block 7.

Oct. 2

Joe Henry Ezell and Brenda Jo Ezell to Meghan Tichenor and Justin Tichenor, section 26, township 48, range 20.

Yevgeniy S. Zykin and Yelizaveta Zykin to Jordan Bennett, Prairie View lot 8.

Sedalia Housing Authority to C&E Excavating Inc. Town of Lincoln, lots 18 and 19.

Oct. 3

Rose Elvia Mendez to Rene Olea and Delores June Olea, section 14, township 45, range 23.

Missouri Ridge Investments LLC to David Dean Hill, Houstonia lots 7 and 8, block 13.

Mark Shull, Shirley Lawson, Michael Lawson and Donna Lawson to Mark Shull, Maplewood 6th Subdivision lot 92.

Oct. 4

James J. Dove to James J. Dove Trustee and James J. Dove Family Trust, Green Ridge Vaughn lot 14, block 1.

Brian Leftridge and Sydney Leftridge to Dena Marie Matthews, Letourneau’s 3rd Addition, lot 45.

Carl William Almquist and Jo Ellen Almquist to Brian Leftridge and Sydney Leftridge, Hunter’s Ridge 7th Subdivision, lots 101 and 102.

CM Woolery LLC to Donald Palmgren and Gala Palmgren, Clays 2nd Addition lots 3 and 4, block 4. 

Bessie Jeanette Viebrock and Ralph E. Viebrock to Joseph Andrew Moon, section 17, township 45, range 21.

Jeffrey Douglas Gregory to Jeffrey Douglas Gregory and Sheri Lynn Gregory, section 3, township 47, range 22.

Earl S. Paxton to David Shackles, Crest View Court, lots 16 and 16, block 1; section 6, township 45, range 20.

Ted S. Francis and Donna Frances to Roman Romanskyy and Inna Romanskyy, Rancho Mariette Replat, lots 1 and 2.

Carl William Almquist and Jo Ellen Almquist to Brian Leftridge and Sydney Leftridge, Hunter’s Ridge 7th Subdivision. Lot 101.

Johnson Farms Inc. to Jessica D. Scoot, West Side Addition, lots 10 and 11, block 2; West Side Addition lot 1, block 2.

Dennis D. Fiebelman, James M. Robins, Barbara L. Little, Edward D. Little, Donna R. McWilliams, Ricky Lee McWilliams, Deana Anderson, Raymond T. Anderson, Teresa A. Robins and Sydney J. Mills Fiebelman to MRB9 LLC, Round House Lakes Estates; section 35, township 45, range 20.

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