Aug. 31

John C. Melte and Joleigh C. Melte to Gary A. Pugh and Amanda D. Pugh, section 14, township 45, range 21.

Bessie Sue Meek to Elmar E. Knox and Diane R. Know, section 15, township 47, range 20. 

Loren L. Viterna and Betty Sue Viterna to Yurly O. Sarakhman and Inna Sarakhman, section 34, township 45, range 22. 

David Williams, Terri Ferrell and Linda Williams to Daniel L. Keltner, Southwest Village tract A, lot 13, block 12.  

William Lashmet and Christina Lashmet to William S. Lashmet Trustee, Christina S. Lashmet Trustee, Lashmet Family Living Trust, DeJarnett IRA 2nd, Lots 14 and 15, block 3. 

Don A. Rowe and Shirley J. Rowe to Nicole R. Freemyer, Smith and Cottons 7th Addition lot 17, block 9. 

Shawn K. Vallery and Trisha L. Bentley to Efford Bentley, Hill Crest Addition lots 73 and 74. 

Joseph Hand to Christopher E. Tallman and Cynthia C. Tallman, section 5, township 47, range 22. 

Marty R. Sauerbrei and Beverly J. Sauerbrei to Seymour Winter and Marcia Winter, Clifton Woods Addition, lot 4, block B; Woods lot 2, block 2. 

Regina K. Kreisl to Marty R. Sauerbrei and Beverly J. Sauerbrei, County Club Addition lot 10, block 7. 

Mary S. Goff to Catterina Riddle and David Riddle III, West Walnut Hills, lot 1. 

Rickie L. Keele to Bob Busing and Lucy Busing, section 4, township 45, range 21. 

Guess USA LLC to 4203 Wisconsin Ave. LLC, section 36, township 46, range 22. 

Guess USA LLC to 1811 S. Limit LLC, Westmoreland Place Addition, lot 2, block 3. 

Guess USA LLC to 115 West Broadway LLC, Martin and Smith Addition, block 44. 

Sept. 1

Kyle Wayne Bean and Kristina Bean to Stephen Carrico and Catherine Carrico, Ritters Addition lots 11 and 12, block 10. 

Jacob B. Parker and Christina Parker to Markus Glen Burns, Green Ridge Evered lot 1, block 8. 

Jacqueline K. Oliphant to Jobe Family Trust, West View Addition, lot 19, block 16. 

Kevin T. Dinsdale to Randi R. Battson and Jedadiah J. Battson, section 30, township 44, range 21. 

Eldon Rieckhoff to Broken G. Farms LLC, section 1, township 43, range 22. 

Keele Construction Inc. to Fine Homes Inc. of Springfield, Missouri, section 9, township 45, range 21. 

Sept. 2

Carol Elliott and Chauncey L. Elliott Jr., to Colby J. Thrift and Danielle L. Baylor, Brentwood Manor Subdivision, lot 76. 

Robert Mark Lupkey and Chelsey Ann Kupkey to BGRS Relocation Inc. Lot 6, block 3. 

BGRS Relocation Inc., S and E Mo Properties LLC, Country Club Addition, lot 6, block 3. 

Khristian Chamberline and Sylvia Chamberline to Angelica Villagomez Trejo and Reynoldo Lemus Cisneros, Lakewood Heights Subdivision lot 17. 

Corbin R. Martin Jr., Theresa Martin, Carrie M. Martin, Darin W. Martin, Trichelle Martin, Steven S. Martin and Anna Martin to Monkey Puddin LLC, Pacific Heights lots 1 through 10, block 20. 

Sarah Brooks and Pernell Brooks to Keele Brothers LLC, Southwest Village, lot 6, block 5. 

Matthew Jorgenson, Sarah Beth Jorgenson, Cassandra Barsch, Patrick C. Barsch and Rosanna Nowling to Jocelyn Gutierrez, Smithton lot 9, block 40; section 14, township 4, range 20. 

Julie Meek to Stephen D. Swartzentruber and Brenda D. Swartzentruber, section 15, township 47, range 20. 

John E. Closser and Carol S. Closser to Ignacio Lopez and Angela Ramirez, section 13, township 45, range 21; section 12, township 45, range 21. 

Sept 4

Hayley Spry to Sarah J. Roland, section 17, township 44, range 21. 

Bess M. Bailey McCollester and Andrew Lynn McCollester to Danil Uzun and Viorica Uzun, section 26, township 44, trange 20. 

Nathan Cramer and Natausna Martin to Alsiia Younce and Chris Rosendale, section 32, township 48, range 22. 

Warren Smith Kearney and Sharon Kearney to Robert A. Schlomer and Kimberly M. Schlomer, secretion 22, township 48, range 21. 

Charlotte A. Kunze Trustee and Alverda M. Hill Trust to Steven A. Warren and Elizabeth V. Warren, Rainbow Addition 2nd Subdivision, lot 16, block 5. 

Nolan D. Sparks and Peggy L. Sparks to Pavel Galchenko and Alla Galchenko, Cambridge County Estates Phase 4, lots 1 through 8. 

Timofey Litovchenko and Yelena Litovchenko to Daniil Shuryhin, section 15, township 44, range 21. 

Marina Kushnir and Andrey Kushnir to Byler Backyard LLC, Rancho Marieta Replat, lot 3 and lot 6.

Roman Sorokopud and Svitlana Sorokopud to Byler Backyard LLC, Rainbow Marieta Replat, lots 4 through 6. 

Paul W. Brown and Tina Y. Brown to PXW Properties LLC, Browns E.T. 2nd  and 3rd Addition lot 9, block 3. 

Dawn M. Smith Trustee and Dawn McMullin Family Trust to John M. Delaney and Linda A. Delaney, Walnut Hills Country Club Estates Revised Part 2, lot 62. 

Vadim Galchenko to Custom Computer Technologies LLC, Sacajawea Estates lot 8 and 9. 

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