During this time of uncertainty, Smith-Cotton High School’s spring sports have been put on hold. Even though the sports seasons are up in the air at the moment, many athletes haven’t given up on their seasons just yet.

Athletes including senior track runner Will Hooton are still keeping in shape with hopes that their seasons will continue like normal. S-C Track Head Coach Brad Hagedorn “pushes out workouts for us to do every day, and since I am a runner I can do them just about anywhere,” Hooton said. “I also train in the weight room two times a week at my trainer’s personal gym.”

Hooton said he hasn’t completely given up on his season; he has put in a lot of time and effort and doesn’t want it to go to waste. Although the high school track season is uncertain, Hooton still plans to compete through road races and other events if the season gets cancelled.

Other spring sports athletes, including baseball and soccer players, also are being optimistic. Freshman baseball player Connor Ladd has been keeping in shape by running on a treadmill and doing pushups. He has been practicing his baseball skills at home with his brother and a hitting net.

“I haven’t completely given up on the season,” Ladd said. “But it’s not looking great for us.”

Ladd is optimistic about the season and hopes that when this all blows over, he and his team will be able to play his freshman season.

Smith-Cotton sophomore soccer player Lindsey Davis has some hope in her heart that her season will go on as normal.

“I haven’t completely given up yet. There is a little hope inside all of us that maybe we will get to play at least one game,” Davis said. “It’s very hard on us all right now because at this time last year, we were 6-0 and climbing.”

Davis is staying in shape during this time by doing mini, but time-consuming, workouts at home.

“All outside practices have been cancelled, but our coach sends us stuff to keep us in shape and gives an opportunity to get some extra touches with the ball,” she said.

Hagedorn knows the importance of keeping in shape outside of practice.

“Like our whole community, we are doing our best to navigate this incredible situation. Our team uses Team App as a means for coaches to communicate with our athletes. We post daily workouts for the athletes to continue training,” he said. “In addition, we have requested that they send videos of their workouts to have posted for all to see. It has been a great way for our team to stay connected and see that they are not alone in this turbulent time.”

Hagedorn is trying to be optimistic about the season and is hopeful his athletes will continue their individual workouts.

“We hope, if the opportunity arises, that we will return prepared to compete and enjoy what is left of our season,” he said.

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