There were no injuries in a Thursday evening structure fire on Clinton Road. 

According to Deputy Fire Chief Matt Irwin, the Sedalia Fire Department received a call for a structural fire on Clinton Road at 6:33 p.m. Thursday. Thirteen members of the fire department responded as well as the Sedalia Police Department, Pettis County Ambulance District and KCP&L. 

According to Irwin, the building was unoccupied at the time of the fire and fire crews were able to get the fire under control about 10 minutes after arriving. 

Heavy fire damage was present in the office area of the building as well as to a storage space above the office area on the second floor. Smoke and water damage was also present throughout the building. 

The Missouri State Fire Marshal was called to investigate the fire and determined it was accidental. An electrical short most likely caused the fire. The last unit cleared the scene, according to Irwin, at 9:27 p.m.

On Thursday, the Sedalia Firefighters Local 103 published a post on its Facebook page advising people it was “never acceptable to run over a fire hose.” The post explained supply lanes from a hydrant are often laid across the road, which was the case Thursday evening. 

“During a fire tonight, numerous vehicles drove over a charged supply line with fire crews inside the burning structure,” the post explained. “This is a life threatening situation when this occurs, as those lines are literally a “life line” for those inside.”

The post went on to explain that while the Sedalia Police Department does a “great job” of shutting down the street, they are often unable to block every angle. Irwin later detailed that SPD had multiple calls come in during the fire that took precedence over blocking the supply line. According to Irwin, once the officer left, “multiple cars drove over the charged supply line that was blocking Grand Avenue.” Irwin also reported the hose had to be taken out of service Thursday night because of damage.

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