Helmets and shoulder pads sit waiting for Smith-Cotton football players at the new Jennie Jaynes Stadium.

Smith-Cotton High School issued summer activity guidelines to its coaches Friday, listing the precautions necessary to host team workouts, postponing offseason camps until at least July 6. 

S-C also postponed travel and closed the weight room until further notice with programs allowed to begin working out under the issued guidelines June 1.

The document stated that all offseason gatherings are voluntary.

“We understand the importance of summer opportunities and how they enhance our school based programs. These guidelines are written using the Pettis County Health Order dated May 2 and effective through May 31. Our hope is that as time goes on, some guidelines will become less restrictive.”

Listed are the protective guidelines for Smith-Cotton offseason workout sessions:

● All student participants must have signed permission from their parents/guardians before taking part in any Smith-Cotton Summer Activity in 2020. The Activities Office will provide this permission form. 

● As of June 1, 2020, small group work will be allowed to take place in groups of 10 or less, including the coach. You may have multiple groups from your program on campus together up to 30 total people but groups must be spread out. Groups should be at least 20 yards apart and individuals in groups must adhere to 6 foot social distancing. 

● When entering or leaving a session, students must wear a mask. They may not enter a facility until a coach has let them in and told them where to be. At that time, students may remove their masks and store them safely with their personal belongings. 

● Upon entering and leaving a session, students and coaches must use provided hand sanitizer. 

● These sessions should be designed to focus on individual conditioning and skill development. 

● Two students may share a ball. The ball must be cleaned afterward before being put away or used again and students must immediately wash/sanitize their hands. No other personal equipment may be shared. 

● All equipment must be wiped down or cleaned after each session with towels and spray provided by the district. Coaches are responsible for washing towels each day. Coaches may use the washer and dryer at the stadium, at the HS in the FACS room, HS B124, or in the JH Boys locker room. 

● Locker rooms are closed to students and everyone else except coaches. Coaches may use locker rooms but must adhere to social distancing guidelines. Friends and family members are not allowed in locker rooms with coaches. Student-athletes should arrive dressed out and ready to go. 

● Restrooms (not locker rooms) may be used. In locations with multiple restrooms, coaches should select one specific restroom for males and one for females. In each of those restrooms, a bottle of spray cleaner and disposable towels should be kept. Students should be instructed to clean seats, doors, and handles before and after they use it. Only one student at a time will be permitted to go to the restroom. 

● Water coolers, spigots, or hydrants may not be used. Students should bring their own water. 

● No unnecessary individuals shall be present in the facility (parents, managers, non-participating athletes, coach’s children, etc.). 

● Two sports/activities may not use the same facility at the same time. The stadium and the practice fields at the High School shall be considered separate facilities. However, they must establish and use separate restrooms. 

● Each facility must be cleaned by custodians between usages. 

● Use of the golf cart is limited to one coach per sport. That coach is responsible for spraying down the cart after each use. 

● Coaches must maintain a daily log of attendees. 

● All activities are restricted to Sedalia School District students only.

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