The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services issued 192 licenses for medical marijuana dispensary facilities in Missouri Friday afternoon with two locations in Sedalia receiving approvals. 

Missouri Health & Wellness LLC, 1801 S. Limit Ave., and Organic Remedies MO Inc., 4407 Wisconsin Ave., both had their licenses approved by DHSS Friday. Three other Sedalia applicants received denials. The Sedalia dispensary locations make up two of the 24 facilities allowed in the 4th Congressional District. 

“We are committed to making medical marijuana safe and accessible for qualified patients of Missouri,” Lyndall Fraker, Director of the DHSS Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation, said in a press release. “This phase of program implementation is vital to product accessibility for Missourians throughout the entire state.”

The decision was made based on scoring criteria in the following constitutional topics with answers being rewarded on a 0 to 10 point scale: 

• Character, veracity, background, qualifications, and relevant experience of principal officers or managers. 

• Business plan proposed by the applicant, which in the case of cultivation facilities and dispensaries shall include the ability to maintain an adequate supply of marijuana, plans to ensure safety and security of qualifying patients and the community, procedures to be used to prevent diversion, and any plan for making marijuana available to low-income qualifying patients.

• Site security. 

• Experience in a legal cannabis market. 

• The potential for positive impact in the site community. 

• Maintaining competitiveness in marijuana for medical use marketplace. 

• In the case of medical marijuana testing facilities, the experience of their personnel with testing marijuana, food or drugs for toxins and/or potency and health care industry experience. 

• In case of medical marijuana cultivation facilities, capacity or experience with agriculture, horticulture, and health care. 

• In the case of medical marijuana dispensary facilities, capacity or experience with health care, the sustainability of the proposed location, and its accessibility for patients. 

• In the case of medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing facilities, capacity or experience with food and beverage manufacturing. 

According to the release, the 192 facilities that had their licenses approved are the top-scoring dispensary facilities that meet all eligibility requirements as prescribed by the program rules. The state received nearly 1,200 dispensary applications, according to the Associated Press. According to the Kansas City Star, as of Tuesday, the health department had issued medical marijuana identification cards to 29,457 state residents and 820 to caregivers.

“Today’s milestone represents over a year of effort by many people to put the final piece in place so that appropriately screened patients in Missouri can receive medical marijuana,” Director of DHSS Dr. Randall Williams said in the release. “We thank all who have helped us to date, and we will continue to listen so that we can best serve the people of our state.”

Missouri citizens voted to make medical marijuana legal in November 2018 with an amendment to the state constitution. The Sedalia City Council unanimously approved the city’s medical marijuana ordinance in July, deciding to stick to the state’s recommended limits. These limits state medical marijuana facilities must be separated into two locations and facilities, one for manufacturing and another for dispensing. Facilities may not be within 1,000 feet of any elementary or secondary school, child daycare center, church, or other building regularly used as a place of religious worship. 

No manufacturers were approved in Sedalia. 

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