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Pictured from left areWelton Vosmith’s parents, Drew Smith and Thao Vo-Smith, Welton Vosmith and Cole Camp High School Principal Brandon Harding as Welton receives his certificate naming him as an honorable mention selection for the Missouri Scholars 100.  

Cole Camp High School senior Welton Vosmith received “Honorable Mention” for the 2019 Missouri Scholars 100, a statewide program that honors 100 of Missouri’s top academic students in the graduating class of 2019. 

Missouri Scholars 100 is a program sponsored by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals. Schools across Missouri were invited to nominate candidates for this statewide recognition. 

The selection is based primarily on a formula using the student’s grade point average and ACT or SAT score. To be nominated the student had to meet the criteria of an “Academic Decathlon,” which included 10 events designed to ensure the academic strength of the student. The student must have a minimum GPA of 3.750, a minimum ACT score of 29 or a minimum SAT score of 1,600, be ranked in the upper 10% of the class and have taken high-level courses in mathematics, science, English, and foreign language. The student must also have excellent attendance, be an exemplary school citizen, and be involved in school activities and programs. 

“The Missouri Scholars 100 Program is one of the most premier academic recognition programs in the country,” said Clark Mershon, Executive Director of the principals’ association. “It is truly a celebration of learning. Students who are selected to this program have taken a rigorous course of study and have maintained the highest academic standards. The Missouri Association of Secondary Principals wants to celebrate the achievement and success of these students and their schools.”

Welton is one of three students that have qualified for this award in the last seven years that Brandon Harding has been CCHS principal. Welton is the first student to actually be selected for this honor in recent memory, according to Harding.

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