A local workout group that began with 15 women a year ago has grown to 580 members who have become part of a Sweaty Sisterhood.

A mother, wife and nurse, Jennifer Loganbill, 25, of Sedalia, began Jen’s Fit Group in March 2018.

“I’ve been working out, lifting weights, and been in the fitness industry for about eight years,” Loganbill said. “After I had my son in 2017, I had a couple of women reach out to me and ask if I could train them. You can’t work out at the gym with two kids, so, I started doing what I was doing at the gym at home, but faster.”

The workout program so inspired her, she cut her workout time from 45 minutes to 24 to make the program easier for herself to complete each day. She soon decided to produce videos of her routines and offer them to other women — and Jen’s Get Fit Group was born.

“People ask why 24 minutes,” she said. “Twenty-five minutes is usually about how long my workouts take, and it’s about a 30-minute total video. I break down the moves for proper form and I give tips on how to keep your core tight.”

Each day Loganbill provides a new video session targeting certain muscles. Monday is chest day, Tuesday concentrates on the back, Wednesday is shoulders, Thursday focuses on arms while Friday targets the legs.

“With my first 15 members, it was fun because they were kind of my trial and error,” she said. “So, I got it down and it was rewarding to me to help women figure out how to workout and be in shape.”

The program grew by word of mouth, and Loganbill created a website where women could sign-up for a membership. She also created a Facebook page so the Sweaty Sisterhood could communicate with each other. Members pay $30 each month to participate.

The program comes with a meal plan that focuses on “clean eating.” Loganbill provides recipes featuring high protein foods and good carbs such as sweet potatoes, along with green vegetables.

“I break it down per meal,” she said. “So, they get three meals and two snacks (a day). I try to express to them that food is fuel. You shouldn’t eat out of emotion, you shouldn’t eat out of boredom. I have so many moms in the group, so the meals are family-based.”

Loganbill and her members have found the program to be more than a workout routine, it’s about empowering women and helping them to love and believe in themselves.

She also hosts monthly live workouts at Otterville School Gym and St. Paul’s Lutheran School Gym in Cole Camp. In April, she hosted her first Sweaty Sisterhood event at The Lantern House in Sedalia. One hundred and fifty-seven women were in attendance.

“They all bought a ticket and it was the coolest most empowering women’s event, I am so proud of it,” she said. “I had different activities. Lantern House catered dinner for us, and I hired Sarah (Boles) to come and take empowerment shots.

“It’s not only a workout group, but it’s a support system really,” she continued. “These 580 women are just changing each other’s lives. It’s awesome.”

Members range in age from 18 to 70 plus, with military wives logging in from countries like Japan and the Netherlands.

“I get at least 20 to 30 messages a day from women who are like, ‘you are changing my life, my confidence is better,’” Loganbill said. “We focus on non-scale victories, instead of weighing ourselves, many say ‘I am three pant sizes smaller’ or ‘my husband says I have more confidence than I ever had in my life.’ It’s just so rewarding and empowering to them.”

When Loganbill began the workout videos, she was hoping to have 750 members by 2020. She now believes she will surpass that goal. And, she encourages members not to compare themselves to any of the other 580 women in the group.

“One thing I always ask them, every single day, I say, ‘who is the most powerful woman in the room?’” Loganbill said. “I want them to believe whoever they’re around, whether it’s their boss or their mother-in-law or their mom … they’re the most powerful woman in the room. That means they can change anything.”

For more information, visit www.jensgetfit.com or email jensgetfitgroup@gmail.com.

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