People from the area were stepping forward to give the gift of life Friday during the Community Blood Center of Kansas City Blood Drive.

The drive, hosted at Bothwell Regional Health Center’s Education Center, was already busy at 11:30 a.m. when the doors opened.

CBC Donation Recruiter Lisa Nelson said by phone the organization has a “great relationship” with BRHC and provides all the blood needed at the hospital.

“The importance of donating is that we’re always short,” she noted. “That’s the problem, there is always a constant need for blood.

“One of the things that’s really critical right now is that our older generation … are dying off,” she continued. “Younger people aren’t donating as much. So, that’s one thing I’m really focused on is education, and trying to get more youth involved in these blood drives.”

Madeline Kindle, 20, a CNA at BRHC, was one of the young people who came out to give blood Friday. Madeline was there for the first time with her mother Cassie Kindle a RN at Bothwell.

“My reason for doing it, is one it’s a good cause and I’ve never done it before so I’m like why not,” Madeline said. “I’m going to nursing school and I thought well, ‘I might as well dive-in head first.’ This kind of gives me a little insight into a part of the field I don’t really know about.”

She added she plans to donate again.

Cassie noted she gives blood because her blood type, A+, isn’t as common. She added she donates blood every time CBC is at Bothwell and has been donating blood for 11 years.

Shirley Schlobohm, a staffing secretary from the Patient Care Coordinator’s office at Bothwell, said she donates blood because she wants to give back.

“The reason is because I had to have blood several years ago,” she explained. “I figured this is a good thing to do, you know. It’s something I can give back to somebody else, because they gave back to me. It’s a gift to give back to somebody who needs it.”

Nelson said giving blood is something one can do for free and it “save lives.” All it takes is time. She added they are always pushing to collect O- blood because it’s a universal blood type.

“We do push that as much as we can,” she noted. “But honestly, we’re always in need, but we need everything.”

Nelson said CBC truly appreciates their donors.

“CBC loves to partner with anybody,” she said. “If there is any interest in someone wanting to help and set up a blood drive, we’re always looking for people to take on that mission.

“Sedalia is a great community, it really is,” she continued. “We love it there and I have great relationships with many people there. Anything that anybody can do to help, we appreciate it so much.”

To locate the nearest Community Blood Center blood drive, visit the website at For more information contact the Community Blood Center at 4040 Main St., Kansas City or call (816) 753-4040.

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Faith Bemiss is a reporter for the Sedalia Democrat, covering general assignment, arts, food and entertainment stories. She can be reached at 660-530-0289.

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