Sedalia citizens showed up to Monday evening’s Sedalia City Council meeting to voice their concerns on a variety of issues. 

A rezoning application was presented to the council for John Jay for property at 2205 S. Limit Ave. to rezone it from C-3 to M-1. This would allow a freight transfer facility to operate on the property, which is vacant after the local John Deere dealership moved farther down U.S. Route 65. Concerns were presented at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in October. A compromise was made, allowing the property to be rezoned to M-1, but under the stipulation it was only for the presented use. It passed the commission 6-2, according to City Administrator Kelvin Shaw. City staff also recommended approval. 

Shaw called it a “reasonable agreement,” noting other properties in the area are zoned M-1, which is designed to be next to residential areas.

Residents from the area again voiced their concerns about the freight transfer facility. Matt LaCasse, of the 2000 block of South Warren Avenue, spoke against the rezoning. 

“I want to be clear that we expect something to go in there, even if it is not the freight transfer…”  LaCasse said. “Mr. Joy has every right to decide who he leases his property out to, clearly this is America, he has every right. Our neighborhood has some concerns about this particular one.” 

LaCasse explained a major concern is noise from delivery trucks. The proposed facility would use one semi truck, which would unload at 8 a.m., and delivery vans. LaCasse argued they would create noise, especially when backing up. He also pointed out with the expansion of the city, the company could decide to expand the number of trucks or the hours of operation. 

There were also concerns about the amount of light the business would create outside, which could shine into residential windows, and dust created from vehicles on the property’s gravel lot. Homeowners were also concerned about the resale value of their homes if they became located next to a freight transfer facility. 

“There are better uses for the facility located at 2205 S. Limit Ave. that could benefit the community long term,” LaCasse said. “Not potentially disrupt the lives of our neighborhood.”

Christine Zimmerman, also of the 2000 block of South Warren Avenue, spoke against the rezoning as well. She offered an additional concern: the small amount of space between residents’ homes and the business property. She explained her home has about 20 feet between her deck and the business. Zimmerman said she did not have room to plant anything to shield them from the view of the business.

Joy replied he was willing to plant trees at his property to help shield the view, as well as work with the residents on their concerns. 

“I understand the concerns that my neighbors have,” Joy said. “I want to be a good neighbor and I think that this (compromise) is a solution to provide that...I’ll try my best to meet all the concerns that my neighbors have.”

Council denied the rezoning request 4-3; the ordinance required five yes votes to pass. Ward 2 Councilman Andrew Dawson, Ward 4 Councilman Tolbert Rowe and Ward 4 Councilwoman Megan Page voted no. Ward 1 Councilman Jeff Leeman was absent.

Smith-Cotton High School National Honor Society Vice President Will Houton gave a presentation to the council about recycling. Houton explained the school previously had a recycling program that utilized one 4-yard commercial dumpster to collect recyclables. Houton said it was completely filled each week after students collected materials from around the school. 

The program allowed 30 Recycling Club members the opportunity to serve the school while gaining service hours. Houton explained the school recently lost the ability for the city to collect its recyclables after the city changed its trash pickup practices.  

“We’re kind of stuck with what to do...” Houton said. “What I’m trying to do is to jumpstart that (program) back up, that way hopefully not only would our school be able to recycle but the other schools in the Sedalia 200 would be able to recycle.”

Houson requested the city to again provide one 4-yard dumpster to collect the materials, to collect the materials once a week, and to offer reliable contact with the Public Works Department. 

Council also:

• Awarded service awards to Fire Chief Greg Harrell for 40 years, City Administrator Kelvin Shaw for five years, and firefighter Jeremy Pepin for five years. 

• Heard a report on the results of the proposed name change of a portion of East and West Johnson Streets between North Missouri Avenue and North Washington Avenue to East and West Dr. A.R. Maddox Street. After receiving concerns from residents about the change of address, the council decided not to pursue the proposal further. Ward 3 Councilman Charles Lowe said he would still like to see a memorial created in honor of Maddox. 

• Hosted a public comment period for a draft wastewater contribution permit from Nucor Steel Sedalia LLC. 

• Heard a strategic planning presentation about the water department and wastewater from Public Works Director Brenda Ardrey. 

• Accepted an agreement with Poort Excavating LLC for storm Drainage Improvements, Project Area 27 from the storm water master plan for $137,731. 

• Approved the extension of an agreement with Foley Equipment Co. for an extended two-year period of the maintenance plan of emergency generators located within various city departments for an annual service amount of $10,253. 

• Accepted a proposal with Westrum Leak Detection Inc., an Iowa Corporation, for a five-year renewal of computerized leak detection survey services in hydrants and accessible water valves for $6,800 per year. 

• Established a two-way stop sign at the intersection of North Missouri Avenue and West Benton Street and established “No Parking” signs on the north and south sides of West Benton Street to accommodate loading dock and turning radius for tractor trailers. 

• Called for a general election April 7 for the purpose of electing one council member from each of the four wards. 

• Accepted a quote from Hypertec USA Inc., a Missouri Foreign Corporation, for the purchase of 25 Dell desktop computers. 

• Accepted a master service agreement for ServiceElite with IBM for technology support services, standard maintenance and related services. 

• Approved a records destruction request from the personnel department. 

• Amended the budget for fiscal year 2019-20 regarding assistance with the Sedalia Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Christmas parade for $2,000. 

• Approved an animal shelter release of liability form. 

• Approved the final plat for Main Plaza Lots 1 through 3, an addition to the city, and dedicated public utility easements on the plat to public use. 

• Approved and renewed liquor licenses. 

The council adjourned to a closed door session for legal advice, lease, sale or purchase of real estate and personnel matters. 

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