The Cooking Channel’s “Carnival Eats” host Noah Cappe, left, interviews Jason Sinsley, of Independence, Friday morning at the Missouri State Fair. “Carnival Eats” was at the MSF Friday and Saturday doing a special segment for the show’s eighth season. Sinsley said Cappe pulled him over and asked him to try a pulled pork and baked potato dish from Jackson’s, a MSF food vendor.

The Cooking Channel is stopping by the Missouri State Fair to film for a popular TV show Friday and Saturday. 

A film crew was present on Woods Avenue at the Missouri State Fair, with host Noah Cappe of The Cooking Channel’s show “Carnival Eats” asking fairgoers to try state fair food and give their opinions on it in front of the camera.

“Carnival Eats” is a television show on the Cooking Channel which shows Cappe traveling to carnivals, state fairs, and festivals and trying unique foods. Cappe often gets to see how the foods are made and has attendees at the events try the foods and give him their opinions of it. Friday was the show’s first time at the Missouri State Fair, according to Cappe. 

“We’re filming season eight of Carnival Eats and it’s about time that the Missouri State Fair be in an episode. It’s taken us a few years to get here but I’m excited,” Cappe told the Democrat Friday morning. 

The show had just begun filming, but Cappe said he had been “loving it” so far. He said he felt the fair had a good balance between the fun of a big state fair and the feeling of a smaller, community-driven one. 

“A lot of the time the state fairs, they get so big and so kind of ‘industry’ that you lose some of the touches of the like small-town feeling,” he said. “I think this fair has a really nice balance of both. I think that’s definitely one of the first things I noticed.”

Cappe has not found a favorite food yet since they had just started filming. He had just finished filming a segment with an attendee and had them try a pulled pork and baked potato dish from Jackson’s. 

“We’re easing in. I try to always eat everything on camera so that if there is a real moment, if there is that kind of switch that flips, or that thing that kind of happens, I want it to be on camera,” said Cappe. “I’m easing my way in, but we’re off to a good start. Obviously barbecue is one of the focuses here for sure.”

Cappe said he knows how lucky he is to have his job, and while there are a lot of great things about it his favorite is the interactions he gets to have with people. 

“Everybody on Twitter, online, every day reminds me I have the best job in the world. Traveling around North America, eating deep-fried carnival food, riding rides and playing games,” he said. 

“For me I think it’s the people. I think it’s just like getting a chance to meet all of the people that make this country what it is. The vendors that are second, third, fourth generation who have grown up in this industry. It's the characters, I think that is the stand out for me at least.”

The show was filmed Friday and will be filming on Saturday also. Cappe said the eighth season will be split into two parts with one half airing in the fall and the other in the new year. He was unsure when the Missouri State Fair episode will air.

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