The Boone County Draft Horse and Mule Sale was in full swing Friday morning as horses entered the sale ring and the auctioneer encouraged higher bids.

The event began Monday in the Mathewson Exhibition Center on the Missouri State Fairgrounds with sales beginning Wednesday. The sale will conclude Saturday night.

The sale is owned by Joe Raber, of Colorado, and Lonnie Miller, of Indiana. The men have owed the sale for two years.

“It’s a twice-a-year sale and this is our fifth sale since we owned it,” Raber said Friday morning.

He added that the sale was going well and by the end of the event they will have sold approximately 800 horses, mules and donkeys.

The event also took in sales of carriages, tack, antiques, farm machinery, saddles and collars.

“This is a good place to come and if you are looking for anything in the horse-related world, we have all breeds, all kinds,” Raber said. “It’s a good place to come and shop.”

“To half of these people it’s just a social event,” said Will Miller, who runs the Show Me Auction Co. LLC in Versailles. “It’s like a big old family reunion, they show up every six months and hang out here. There’s vendors all over the place.”

Raber added that many come and camp on the fairgrounds during the event.

Miller said there is a wide variety of horses and mules at the sale.

“There’s anything from ponies to high-end riding horses,” he added. “Any kind of horse you could imagine.”

The men said on Thursday three draft horse crosses sold for $17,000, $16,000 and $14,500.

“We’ll have quarter horses today (Friday) that will see $10,000 by the time the day is over,” Raber said.

On Saturday, Raber noted they will be selling mules and donkeys.  

He added that he appreciated the Missouri State Fairgrounds for letting them use the Mathewson Center and enjoyed Sedalia.

“They welcome us and we enjoy being here,” he said. “We come in here and make ourselves at home and we feel at home.”

The next Boone County Draft Horse and Mule Sale will take place in March. The current event runs through Saturday and is free and open to the public.  

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Faith Bemiss is a reporter for the Sedalia Democrat, covering general assignment, arts, food and entertainment stories. She can be reached at 660-530-0289.

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