CLINTON – Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare is expanding its facilities to better accommodate patients, meet the health care needs of its communities and make services available close to home.

GVMH is renovating the former Aldi building that will become the west campus location for its Rehabilitation and Wellness Services, now known as Therapy Services. Its services include physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, aquatic therapy and worksite testing. The building will also feature an ambulance garage and living quarters for its on-duty Emergency staff to help speed response time to crisis situations. Therapy Services will open in mid-September and the entire project is expected to be complete by the end of the year. An open house with COVID-19 guidelines will be hosted for people to tour the new facility.

GVMH has also combined its Home Health and Hospice Services to become Home Services, and will be led by Tony Curtis, Director of Home Services, and Brandi McKinney, Manager of Home Services. The Home Services group will move into the GVMH east campus facility, formerly Saint Luke’s Primary Care Clinic. No timeline has been set for this project.

On its main campus, GVMH has doubled the capacity of its Sleep Lab. This allows the organization to help more patients evaluate their sleep disorders and identify solutions.

At its Windsor campus location, GVMH is increasing the size of its existing building to bring in more providers, host specialty services and increase imaging and lab capabilities. This project will be complete in November and an open house with COVID-19 guidelines will be hosted.

“We are very excited about our expansion plans and thankful that we are in a position to grow during a time when many other rural health care organizations are struggling,” Craig Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at GVMH said. “These are difficult times for many rural hospitals. At GVMH, we are committed to providing compassionate and friendly care so that our families, friends and neighbors do not have to travel to receive treatment. It is crucial that we continue to enhance our services and facilities so we can provide our patients quality care, close to home.”

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