May 6

James W. Manning and Jennifer L. Manning to Minling Lin and Qihao Weng, Thompson Hills Addition, lots 32 and 33.

MVRK Developing LLC to Herman S. Collier and Debra K. Collier, West Country Club Estates Part 5, lot 97.

Alice Ann Miller to Loretta L. Combs and Kevin R. Combs, Georgetown Griffin lots 10 through 18; section 16, township 46, range 21. 

Jerold A. Knotts and Robin L. Knotts to Robert W. Ramey and Christy L. Ramey, section 29, township 47, range 20.

Daryle A. McMullin and Lynda A. McMullin to Richard Breheim and Barbara Breheim, section 36, township 47, range 20.

Aleksandr Ivanovich Vakulich and Olga Mihailovna Vakulich to Gennady Mikailovich Zalozh, section 32, township 46, range 22; section 5, township 45, range 22.

May 7

John L. Bishop and Charlotte M. Bishop to James B. Gargano and Adrienne Gargano, Heards Addition, lots 14 through 16, block 6.

Pioneer Properties to Johnathan J. Walters, Stewart and Thompson’s 2nd Addition, lot 5, block 6.

Shari A. Stevens and Jason A. Stevens to Catherine Dake and Joel Dake, Whitney Pointe, lot 4.

Karen R. Gerke to Martin L. Wolfe, Brooking Park Village 7th Plat, lots 32 and 33. 

May 8

Steve Sumner and Anita Sumner to Norman S. Sumner, section 18, township 45, range 20.

Thomas J. Krueger and Jessica Krueger to Richard Daniel Bain Jr., and Laura E. McCarthy, Maplewood 12th Subdivision, lot 155.

Anne M. Gertz to Darrell Knott and Tammy Knott, Katy Trail West Phase 2, lot 13.

May 9

Dale E. Vinson and Earlene K. Vinson to Thomas R. Self and Dawn M. Self, Lawndale Addition lots 169 through 175 and lot 224.

Donald G. Morton and Virginia Morton to Walter Wildung and Janice Wildung, Southwest Village lot 20, block 7.

May 10

RBRE Corporation to You and Me LLC, Coe’s Addition lot F; section 3, township 45, range 21.

Vladimir V. Nechayev and Svetlana Nechayev to Aleksandr Kravchuk and Nataliya Kravchuk, section 1, township 44, range 21.

Jerry D. Tankersley and Renee M. Tankersley to Kapital Construction LLC, Prestwick Farms lot 7, block 1.

Kelley Fessenden and Douglas E. Fessenden to John Gassen, Monsees Lakes Estates 3rd Subdivision, lot 45.

Leonid Fedorenko and Galina Fedorenko to Kenneth Purl, section 26, township 47, range 21.

Linda Marie Oakley Trustee and Ottis B. Oakley Trust to Danny L. Ebersold, DeJarnette IRA 1st, lot 15, block 4.

Willis N. Byler and Lydia J. Byler to Michael Bocanerga, West View Addition 2nd Part, lot 24, block 22.

Henry W. Holtzclaw to Derrick Roberts, Woodlawn lots 54 and 55.

Carl M. Eckles and Melinda J. Eckles to Dennis R. Gerken, section 12, township 46, range 22.

Carl M. Eckles and Melinda J. Eckles to Abraham Eckles and Addison Eckles, section 12, township 46, range 22.

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