Pettis County has gained two new businesses in the past year: The Little Red Shed Country Market and Wrap It Up.

The Little Red Shed Country Market

The Little Red Shed Country Market opened this week in La Monte, serving sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, and baked goods. The market also features local produce, homemade bath products, home decor, and a candy bar.

Owner Penny Taylor said the idea for the market came from her son, Nathan Taylor. He used to sell produce at a local business in the area but was no longer able to after rules changed. They originally looked into buying their current location so their son would have a place to sell produce again.

“Then it just kind of kept growing. We started off with produce and then I thought, ‘We can do produce at one end and then I can do my coffee shop and bakery that I always wanted to do,’” Taylor said.

Taylor received a lot of requests from the public to serve meals as well. Then they added the other products to help fill the space in the building.

“I had originally just wanted a coffee shop and bakery and then everybody kept saying, ‘Oh are you serving lunch? What are you serving for lunch?’” Taylor said. “We have the meat for it so we decided that we would do a deli sandwiches based off the homebaked breads, that kind of thing. Cinnamon rolls, normal bakery stuff.”

Taylor bakes all of the items including breads, cinnamon rolls, croissants, pastries, cookies, and cupcakes. The items will vary depending on the day. She also makes all of the items in the deli. They will offer basic coffee drinks like iced or hot coffee and espressos. 

Paula wants to keep the products at the market local: cheeses from Blue Springs, meat from Richmond, ice cream from Eldon, specialty soda from Independence, coffee from Ozark Coffee Company in Sedalia, and most of the produce will be local. 

“I know there’s a lot of people in our state that are really crafty and good at their trade. A lot of people don’t realize that so I wanted to kind of showcase our local talents,” Taylor said. “Eventually I want to take on more handcrafted items from people in the area.”

The market also offers home decor, homemade bath products, and other locally made crafts and items. 

The Little Red Shed Country Market, 111 W. Front St., is open 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Wrap It Up 

Wrap It Up opened in November and offers gift wrapping, custom bows, custom wood signs and items, gift baskets, custom wreaths, stuffed animals, candy, and other gifts. 

Owner David Harper came up with the idea for Wrap It Up while he was working in landscaping and looking for something to fill the winter months. 

“I did lawn and landscaping for 10 years and we’ve had these wimpy winters and I kept thinking, ‘What can I do to fill in that fourth quarter?’ I came up with this and decided to do this,” he said. 

Harper had always enjoyed gift wrapping and used to build wood cabinets out of his garage. He makes custom wood signs and other small wood items in the shop now. 

“Our primary focus is the gift wrapping idea. We have all these custom wood signs. They are all made in-house too. I paint and carve them…” Harper said. “They can bring in a picture and say, ‘hey can you make this’ and chances are we’ll say yes. I do basic woodwork.”

When it comes to gift wrap, customers can choose which kind of paper they want and get a custom-made bow. 

Harper said a lot of people do not realize how much the shop offers when they first come in. 

“People come in here and when they really see what’s going on they’re like, ‘Oh wow, I thought it was just gift wrapping paper and a bow. I didn't know that you guys actually did it.’ So that’s what we’re trying to establish,” Harper explained. 

“That’s the sell point that I’m trying to emphasize on. Just bring it in, drop it off, we offer delivery so it's super convenient. If anybody wants to do stuff like have us just drop off a gift somewhere, they can stay anonymous.”

Harper planned on only being open during the Christmas season, but said people kept asking him to stay open year-round. In order to adapt to being open year-round, Harper has added other things to his shop like stuffed animals, candy, home decor, knick-knacks, and pre-made and custom gift baskets. 

“We thought it might work good for hospitals or anniversaries. Then we’ve got wax scented plush (stuffed animals), you never know when someone walks in for a gift…” he said. “They can bring stuff in here and say can you wrap this up and make it into a gift basket and make it look nice and we can do that… It’s stuff that you won’t necessarily see anywhere else.”

Wrap It Up, 516 W. 16th St., is open 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays.

City Reporter

Emily Walton is the city reporter for the Sedalia Democrat, covering local government and various city departments.

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