Liberty Park Stadium, 1500 W. Third St., was broken into late Sunday night with minimal damage and items reported stolen. 

Sedalia Parks and Recreation staff became aware of the break-in Monday morning when maintenance staff arrived, according to Recreation Supervisor Sports/Facilities Tanner McKee. McKee said the suspects gained access to the stand after jumping the stadium fence. 

He said the suspects only took a few Gatorade drinks and ate some food. Since baseball is in its offseason at Liberty Park, the stand had been mostly cleaned out. A drink cooler was broken and some profanities were written in the stand, but McKee said those came off easily with a wet washcloth. McKee said the suspects mostly just made a huge mess. 

“I think they got away with a few Gatorades...I think they got into some saltine crackers and made some popcorn. Basically they just had their own little party in there,” he said. “They did throw a stapler through one of our Pepsi coolers that shattered the glass window on it. That’s where our Gatorade was sitting. Of course all of them have padlocks on them so they couldn't gain access, so that’s the only extent of the damage that they did. Outside of that they just made a mess. Syrup and stuff spilled everywhere, drinks spilled.”

According to McKee, repairs have been made and reinforcements added to the area where the suspects gained access. The Sedalia Police Department was contacted and is working on the case. According to McKee, this isn’t a frequent problem and said the department is fortunate there wasn’t much inside available to steal. 

McKee said the department could tell the stand was broken into by a group of people. 

“We can tell by the amount of cups that were there and stuff. It was definitely a few people, it wasn't just like one person or two people. It was a small group that did it...” said McKee. 

“I think these were just some kids that had just some grand idea, ‘Hey let’s break in and eat a bunch of food and candy’ and once they got in they found the surprise that there wasn't anything in there.”

Anyone with information on the incident is encouraged to call the Sedalia Police Department at 660-826-8100.

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