After canceling the Stover Fair, several Stover area organizations have pulled together to host an outdoor event for the community. 

Stover Super Saturday will have a variety of events for people of all ages and will begin at 7 a.m. Saturday and go into the late evening. All events and attractions will be located at the Stover Legion Memorial Park. 

“We’re calling it Stover Super Saturday since we were unable to have the fair,” said Stover Chamber of Commerce President Bailey Marriott. “When they were making fair decisions there were a lot of unknowns. Since this is later in the year we are holding Stover Super Saturday and we are trying to keep all of the fair traditions and roll them all up into one day for the community.”

Several area organizations teamed up to make the event happen with the main hosts being the Stover Fair Board, Stover Chamber of Commerce and the Stover Communities Action Club. 

“Initially when we had decided to cancel the fair we had looked at doing something before the summer ended as long as we felt like it was a safe decision,” Stover Fair Board member Mandi Roberts told the Democrat. “So that’s why we went that route. Then we just figured it would be a one day event and we tried to cram as much fun into as we could…

“The Stover Fair is usually a pretty good and busy event,” Roberts later added. “It’s been building for a long time and I really do think we have a very good response. I know that there’s people that don’t feel comfortable getting out and that’s perfectly fine but those that do and they’re ready to then we really hope that they come and participate.” 

The day will begin with a 5K and then a kids’ pet parade put on by the local 4-H. There will also be a cake walk, tractor pull, barbecue contest, a kids’ pedal pull, a baby contest, raffles and vendors selling items as well as food vendors. Marriott said the local American Legion in Stover will have a “cook shack” and will be selling food as well. Roberts and Marriott said all of the events will take place outdoors. 

“It’s kind of like a day at the Stover Fair because all of our Stover folks, they know what it’s like. It’s like a big reunion,” Roberts said. “You see people that you haven’t seen in a long time and it’s important to have those reconnections with people.”

One new event put on by the Community Actions Club is a UTV rodeo. 

“It has obstacles for side-by-sides. It’s basically you drive what you brought but it’s side-by-sides and four wheelers. That kind of thing,” Roberts explained. “You will have, like timed obstacles through cones. I think they do a drag race so you and another person would drag race against each other.”

From 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. the band Retro Nerds will be playing for an ‘80s Bash. There will also be a beer garden. 

“It’s just to give our community something to do, something outside,” Marriott explained. “With everything that’s been going on everything has been getting canceled and we just feel like we live in a small community and enjoy doing community things. That’s why you live in a small community so we wanted to offer something for our community to come together, to enjoy together and just have a good time.”

For more information contact the Stover Fair Board at or the Stover Chamber of Commerce at More information can also be found on the “Stover Super Saturday!” Facebook page.

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