After conducting studies, the Missouri Department of Transportation has decided to install temporary stoplights at two Pettis County/Sedalia intersections. 

MoDOT will be installing temporary stoplights at the intersection of state Route H and state Route HH as well as at the intersection of Rebar Road and U.S. Route 65 this spring while they work on more permanent solutions for the two intersections.

“Back at the end of November, the beginning of December, we had a couple of accidents at Rebar Road going into Nucor,” said MoDOT Kansas City District Area Engineer Richard Shipley. We had several requests for us to do work as far as putting a signal in there. We’d already looked at H and HH there to the north and had done a study there. Once the studies were completed it showed that there were times that it warranted a signal at those two locations.”

Shipley said MoDOT had already been looking at putting the temporary signals at Routes HH and H so it made sense to coordinate the two together. Shipley explained the stoplights would only be temporary. 

“They will be like regular signals, it’s just that they’re on span wire,” he said. “They’re the temporary type that we can put up a little quicker than we can the others. The other ones take a longer time to design and properly put in. We have to do them under contracts and so it takes a lot more to do that. Our internal forces do the work on this instead of having a contractor do it.”

Shipley also said permanent signals are not the best options when it comes to these locations but he hopes they help while MoDOT looks for the best permanent solution. 

“Now on the kind of highway that 65 is it’s not really a very good solution because of speeds and things…” Shipley explained. 

“They're not (the best solution). Kind of like the one we have over at MM there on the west side of town. We have a lot of rear-end accidents there but they do help prevent the right-angle crashes. Those are the most serious, those are the ones where we have fatalities or serious injuries so the idea is to reduce those as much as possible. It’s not a perfect solution for right now but it’s the best we can do until we get a more permanent solution in place.”

The signs should be up in a couple of months, according to Shipley, and will probably stay up for at least two years. There will also be speed limit reductions in the area. 

“They won’t go in for a couple of months because they’re ordering materials and getting all of the logistics taken care of plus we have weather and whatnot…” he said. “We’ll also slow the speed limit down so as you're coming out of town it’s 55, we’ll keep it at 55 until you get north of H and HH. Then as you’re coming south it will be 55 as you come to H and HH and then carry on the way through into town to where it turns into 45.”

Shipley said MoDOT will coordinate with the county to come up with the best solution. 

“Once they’re (temporary stop lights) in place the idea is then we’ll look at a more permanent solution for that area,” Shipley said. “Try to come up with something that is non-signalized. That needs to kind of coordinate with what Pettis County wants to do with this Governor’s Cost Sharing things. We’re trying to coordinate that all together.”

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