Since January, a local redistribution ministry has served 104 not-for-profit agencies and dispersed $1 million worth of goods to benefit others.

Jack Menges, founder of America ReDistribution Solutions & Support Inc., said 63 of the not-for-profit groups were in Pettis County with the other 41 in surrounding counties. His goal for 2020 is to disperse $2 million in goods.

The ministry offers items to not-for-profit organizations, schools and churches that in turn distribute the items to those in need. The 5,000-square-foot warehouse is located next to CSC Steel on Harding Avenue in northeast Sedalia.

Since beginning the ministry, Menges said the center is changing lives.

“A few examples are a shelter for women helping a lady to establish her home with many items including a microwave,” Menges explained. “The case of a veteran, working through a program at Central Missouri University who had been released from prison and just found employment but had no transportation.”

Menges added they were able to supply a bicycle and steel-toed work boots for the man.

On Friday, the ministry received a truckload of donated items from Advanced Auto Supply in North Carolina. Menges said the items would benefit schools, churches and other organizations by providing items they could use to work on their own vehicles.

“Recently we were able to get half a truckload of stuff from Amazon,” Menges noted. “There are a few books, there is golf balls, there are toys and small kitchen items like slicers. And, we probably have over 100 pair of (men’s) blue jeans with the waists in the 30s.”

Menges said over the next year the ministry is going to concentrate on dispersing more goods to the agencies they are currently serving rather than adding more agencies to the list.

“Somebody asked me one day, ‘how many people do you think something impacted?’” he said. “I could say 10,000 people. Because when you stop and think about it, we did three back-to-school fairs that was probably about 3,200 individuals. So, it doesn’t take a whole lot.”

America ReDistribution has provided heaters, electric skillets, blankets, new clothing and other items to agencies. One hundred and fifteen microwaves were redistributed to places such as Citizens Against Spouse Abuse this year while 1,200 pairs of shoes went to a back-to-school organization in Versailles.

“You never know what it is that people are going to want,” Menges said. “Homeless shelters will come in and want cleaning supplies and deodorants and toothpaste. And, they’ll want clothes and things like that.”

He added the ministry also helps animal shelters and animal adoption agencies by providing cat litter or dog or cat food.

“Several of the senior centers take cat food and re-bag it and give it to their clients,” Menges said. “You’d be surprised at how many of the older people would feed their pet rather than eat. If they give them pet food, they’ll feed the pet and they’ll eat.”

Menges said he’s happy with how the ministry is progressing but he’s not “satisfied.”

“In other words, I know that there’s more that can be gotten and more people that can be helped,” he said. “The limiting factor … is finances. We do need a cargo van, if somebody has one. And, everything is tax deductible because we are a federally recognized not-for-profit.”

For more information or to donate items, call Menges at 660-287-0207.

Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Faith Bemiss is a reporter for the Sedalia Democrat, covering general assignment, arts, food and entertainment stories. She can be reached at 660-530-0289.

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