The Sedalia Park Board looked at community center tax education, the Hubbard Park basketball court improvements, and received updates on other projects during its June meeting. 

The board met June 13 at Convention Hall to discuss plans for getting information out to the public about the upcoming community center votes during the Aug. 6 special election. 

Sedalia voters will be asked to consider a one-eighth cent sales tax increase, which would be one cent for every $8 spent by a citizen. Voters will also vote on whether to remove the June 30, 2026, sunset provision on existing capital improvement sales taxes. These will help pay for and maintain the center.

The Sedalia Parks and Recreation Department is working with Callis and Associates to come up with educational materials to present to the public, according to Parks and Recreation Director Amy Epple. One thing they are focusing on is coming up with common questions and answers about the ballot issues. 

Epple plans to begin getting information out to the public June 17. They will be using the Parks and Rec Facebook page and events to get the message out. Epple also reminded the board they are only allowed to give out educational information to the public. 

“We as city employees and board members and city council members cannot ask people to vote a certain way,” she said. “We can educate them. We can ask them to go out and vote. We can’t tell them how to vote.”

The board also heard an update on Hubbard Park from Epple. The resurfacing of the basketball courts with asphalt has been finished and the adjustable basketball goals have been installed. The courts will be painted blue and green and have lines once the weather stays consistent. The asphalt has to sit for three weeks with nice weather before lines can be painted. 

The department plans to have a check out system for the tool to change the height of the goals, but they have not finalized one yet. The idea is to have people put down a deposit when they check out the tool and when they return the tool they will get their deposit back. 

“People can come in and check out the key to raise it or lower it…because of Head Start being out there, there are two courts out there, we are lowering one for the little kids,” Epple said of the goals. “…We’ll raise them but we’re just going to have to get the word out to the public that they’re adjustable, but we at this time right now we need to adjust them.”

New lights were also installed at the courts and at Katy Park, according to Epple. 

The board postponed looking at the community center design as it was not finalized yet. Members will also look at their contract on the greenhouse in the industrial park on 16th Street in their next meeting. 

Epple said the department has replaced the windows in the Convention Hall gym with plexiglass, removed the cages on them, and the blinds for the windows will be coming in soon. They also replaced the carpet at Liberty Stadium with plans to paint the facility around August. 

Next week playground installers are supposed to finish installing the playground at Clover Dell Park, weather dependent. A retaining wall will be put in once that is completed. 

The board also reelected Jerry Case as president, Roy Poynter as vice president, and Megan Simon as secretary.

According to staff reports, 42 teams signed up for the summer adult softball league and 96 people participated in the Star Wars 5K. T-Ball had 42 participants sign up that have been drafted into four-team leagues. The Tiny Tees program had 73 kids register. 

In aquatics and fitness and wellness, pool guards have new breathing masks, guard tubes, and a full crash bag including an AED. 

According to an executive administrative assistant report, online registration has fully launched and is going well with $5,308 in online sales during May. Activities hosted in Convention Hall in May were a community mental health meeting, dog obedience, Dance with Grace, Pound, pickleball, adult volleyball, yoga, Zumba party, and National Kids to Park Day Scavenger Hunt. 

Board members Kristy Woolery and Dan VanDyne were absent.

City Reporter

Emily Walton is the city reporter for the Sedalia Democrat, covering local government and various city departments.

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