The Pettis County Ambulance District Board of Directors heard a report about the district’s recent audit during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Pat Thompson was hired to conduct the audit for 2018 and went over the report Tuesday at the request of CFO Jamie Luebbering.

She pointed out the district was operating at a loss at the end of the year, but the district still had a profit to end 2018 due to sales tax collection, which she called “an important part of your overall financial position.”

“If you look at this particular year, you had about $500,000 in insurance revenue last year you won't have this year,” she explained. “If you take into consideration your actual income in 2019, what you are going to have in front of you could be a shortfall if you're not very cognizant of the collection of fees and sales tax.”

Thompson also offered a few recommendations to improve board oversight, including designating a board member to look at bank statements and reconciliations on a monthly basis and designating a board member to review the payroll summary prepared by Assistant Chief Roy Pennington, which is also reviewed by Luebbering, prior to issuing payroll.

She said if she is awarded the audit bid again next year, she will look at those areas in the 2019 audit.

Luebbering’s report included the cash reserve analysis as of June 6. The district has 2.83 months cash reserve, or 86.14 days. The board previously discussed increasing its cash on hand to meet industry standards, which EMS Chief Eric Dirck has said is nine months to one year’s worth in reserves. He said that would pay for everything from salaries to replacing equipment in the event all government funding ceases. 

Board treasurer John Fritz brought it up again Tuesday, saying the board needs to focus on growing its cash on hand to meet that industry standard. He said the current reserves of less than three months are “embarrassing.”

During his report, Dirck said the Windsor Ambulance District Board of Directors will look over its final draft of the new WAD-PCAD contract during its meeting next week. He said he expects the draft to be ready for the PCAD board to review at the next meeting.

PCAD responded to 635 calls in May and 104 in Windsor. Year-to-date totals are slightly less than 2018, but Dirck said he expects call volume to increase over the summer. He said if they ended 2019 with a lower call volume than 2018, that would be a first in his EMS career. 

Dirck also commended the PCAD staff for doing yard work, weeding, spreading mulch and fixing gutters at the Windsor site, something they took the initiative to do without being asked by the command staff.

Medical Director Dr. David Gustafson said he and other members of the PCAD staff had a good meeting at Bothwell Regional Health Center last month. He said he addressed concerns about why some patients were not being taken to Bothwell, which he said were mostly due to either being stroke patients or patient requests. According to Gustafson, Bothwell is on the verge of being an accredited stroke center.

“I think things of concern in the past will vanish when that happens, there will be no question about taking stroke patients to Bothwell,” he said.

During the meeting the board also:

• Approved switching the district’s 457 plan from John Hancock to Lincoln Financial.

• Approved a revised hardship policy. Luebbering had requested to remove the 2017 poverty level chart and replace it with a sentence referencing the current year’s statistics to prevent the board from updating the policy each year.

All members were present.


Nicole Cooke is the editor for the Sedalia Democrat, overseeing all newsroom operations and assisting with news coverage of Sedalia and Pettis County. She can be reached at 660-530-0138 or on Twitter @NicoleRCooke.

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