After receiving Pettis County voters’ approval in April 2019, progress on the new Pettis County/Sedalia joint 911 dispatch continues to move forward with a goal start date of early 2021. 

The Sedalia City Council approved a joint communications agreement between the city, County of Pettis and Pettis County Ambulance District for a joint communications center during its Tuesday evening meeting. The Council also accepted an agreement between the City and the County for leasing certain areas of the Sedalia Municipal Building basement to establish the central dispatch. 

In April 2019, voters approved a $1 per month tax for any device capable of using 911 dispatch services. This combined separate city and county dispatching services into one joint dispatch operation for the county. 

Ward 1 Councilman Tom Oldham called the agreement a “milestone” and a “big accomplishment for the citizens of the county.” 

“Combining our efforts is generally more efficient and an effective use of the total taxpayer dollars,” Oldham said. “Likewise, combined we can offer a better service and save precious time in responding.” 

Some major provisions of the agreement include any device fee, as a county fee, will go to the county and be segregated and operated as a special revenue of the county, according to Oldham. A 911 board will consist of five individuals including the county sheriff, city police chief, city fire chief, PCAD chief and one other person appointed by the Pettis County Commission. The board will hire a 911 director to manage operations. The county commission will also have veto powers over the selection of the director. 

Ward 4 Councilman Jeff Wimann asked when the operation would be up and running. It was originally designed to begin Oct. 1, however, COVID-19 delayed getting needed items. The new goal is to have it operational Jan. 1. 

The Council also approved an aviation project consultant agreement with H.W. Lochner Inc. related to the construction of a new box hanger at the Sedalia Regional Airport along with approving a federal block grant application with the Missouri Department of Transportation Aviation Division for the construction of a new box hangar at the Airport. 

“This addition of a conceptually 65-by-65-foot box hanger will give us much more flexibility, therefore, provide better service to our customers,” Oldham said. 

With the airport director being a certified mechanic, Oldham explained the space would provide a place for the director to offer services including annual inspections. The hanger will also provide space to store larger aircraft than the current hangar and opens up the possibility of overnight storage. Grant funds allocated to the department will be used for 90% of the cost, according to Oldham. 

Agreements with Blue Nile Contractors Inc. at $1,578,810.68 and M&M Landscaping & Construction LLC at $1,284,557.50 for the 2018 Water System Improvements Contract No. 4 were also approved by the Council.

“As a part of the major project to update the water mains, staff has been working with the engineers to design and bid out another section,” Oldham said. “This area generally covers Broadway to Third Street from Lamine to Engineer. This also contains a bid alternate to cover along Engineer for the north to Saline.”

A design engineering firm also received a pipeline crossing agreement from the Union Pacific Railroad to allow for construction access at the South Engineer Avenue crossing for the project, according to the Council meeting packet. Staff will work through the agreement process with UP within the next 60 days and make the actual award at the time the agreement has been fully executed. The low bidder was also Blue Nile Contractors at $270,389.42. 

A quote from Evergy for raising the height of a three-phase line that crosses the Sedalia Rail Industrial Park at $24,071.66 was also approved. 

“We had thought this was going to be handled by Evergy during construction of the electrical service to Nucor,” Oldham said. “However, this was not done at that time...These costs are recoverable from the grant funds for this project and are within the current budget amount for this project.”

The Council also: 

• Gave a retirement award to airport employee Larry Perriguey for 22 years and two and a half months of service. 

• Approved a records destruction request from the personnel department. 

• Approved a quote from BlueAlly for a one-year renewal of licensing and support on the city’s Mitel phone system. 

• Ratified and approved professional services agreement amendment No. 3 from Alliance Water Resources. 

• Approved and accepted a Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act Agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for financial assistance to maintain safe and efficient airport operations.

• Approved a one-year contract extension with POSM Software for software used in operating the closed-circuit television system in the water pollution control department van. 

• Accepted a quote from Crown Power & Equipment Co., LLC for the purchase of a UTV vehicle for the Sedalia Regional Airport at $20,203.90. 

• Authorized the increase in expenditures in the budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021 relating to the purchase of SCBA bottles for the Firefighter Academy. 

• Amended the budget for the Fiscal Year 2020-21 regarding the revised budget for the Firefighter Academy. 

• Amended Sections 64-45, 64-208, 64-211 and 64-233 of Chapter 64 of the Code of Ordinances relating to signs. 

• Denied a rezoning application by Lawrence J. Klein of Klein’s Saw shop for properties located at 1602 S. Harrison Ave., 1606 S. Harrison Ave. and 1618 S. Harrison Ave. Ward 3 Councilman Bob Cross was the only yes vote. 

• Appointed Joshua Howell to the Housing Authority Board of Directors for a four-year term expiring June 2024. 

• Renewed liquor licenses. 

• Held a closed door session for legal advice and the lease, sale or purchase of real estate. 

Ward 1 Councilman Jeff Leeman was absent. 

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