After shutting down for the COVID-19 pandemic, Sedalia’s newest barbershop is back in business.

Chrome Cutz Co-owner Brad Rea said the idea for the barbershop started when Tyler Utz approached him about doing “some type of investment.” Rea’s stepson Trevor Rialti is a barber and Rea suggested the idea of a barbershop. 

Utz said the two began working on the idea immediately and found a location on West Ninth Street that had previously been a beauty shop, making remodeling it into a barbershop easier. 

“Right when we got all set up and ready to roll we had a soft opening and did some demo cuts,” Utz said. “The week before our grand opening COVID happened. That stopped everything.”

“We had a grand opening cook-off planned on March 28, ready to go and then COVID canceled everything,” Rea added. “We had to shut down shop and we sat for six weeks before the Pettis County Health Department said that barbershops and salons could open back up with all of the guidelines.” 

Rea and Utz said while setting up they were able to lean on Rialti and other barbers Jerry Ballew and Tyrece Tyler for their expertise and knowledge, saying it was a “team effort.”  

After throwing around numerous ideas, the name for the shop came from Utz’s last name and the decision to make the shop garage-themed. 

“We wanted to have a garage theme, so like the old-time garages, mechanics,” Rea said. “With Tyler being in racing and his grandpa, Bill Utz, had a lot of different things that we were able to use — auto parts, old gas cans, oil cans and that kind of thing. We were trying to go around that.”

Decorations in the shop include toolboxes for barbers’ work stations, an old jukebox, and a kids area with a toy toolbox and other items. The kids area can’t be used right now due to COVID-19 but Rea and Utz said they want the shop to be family-friendly. 

“That was our whole main idea was to have a more family-friendly atmosphere, kid-friendly,” Rea explained. “We have a little barber chair that is a race car that little kids can sit in. It makes noises, honks, and keeps the little one occupied while the barber is cutting their hair… It’s got a little iPhone holder so the parent can put their iPhone in there and put on a movie or something.”

Rea said people have seemed to enjoy the theme so far. 

“Everybody that I’ve talked to, they think it’s pretty cool,” Rea said. “All barbershops have their own type of theme so we wanted to find something different and family-friendly. With our community, it fits in well with the race track out at the state fairgrounds and there’s a lot of racing families here in Sedalia.”

Utz said the shop takes appointments and that the barbers are flexible to help accommodate the needs of people in the community. 

According to Rea, Tyrece Tyler is also a cosmetologist and can do facials when restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted. The barbers also do hair coloring, perms, highlights and women’s hair. Utz said the shop sells products like beard oils, aftershave and hairspray. 

“All of our barbers, I would put at the top of the list for a good haircut,” Rea said. “They're very well trained in every aspect...All of them have been trained in both sides (men and women’s hair) and have experience but once again that’s another thing that’s a little different with our barbershop. We’re offering that flexibility and that side of the business that you may not get at the other ones.” 

The shop is in its third week of operating after being able to reopen. Both co-owners said information about a grand opening will be posted on the shop’s Facebook page after COVID-19. 

Chrome Cutz, 1716 W. Ninth St. in Sedalia, is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturdays, and is closed on Sundays and Mondays. For more information, visit or call 660-951-1004. 

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