State Fair Community College sees increase in student credit hours


Prior to the State Fair Community College Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday morning, the trustees were provided a report on the economic impact the college has on the income of the 14 counties the college serves.

Sterling Smith, economist for the firm of Economic Modeling Specialists International, through a video conference call, presented the study to the board.

“SFCC added $132.5 million in income to those 14 service counties,” Smith said. “Additionally, the college supported 2,922 jobs in the region.”

During 2013-14, SFCC served 6,588 credit students and 5,701 noncredit students.

“In FYI 2013-14, state and local taxpayers paid $12.9 million to support the operations of SFCC,” Smith said in a press release “The net present value of the added tax revenue stemming from the students’ higher lifetime incomes and the increased output of businesses amounts to $30.8 million in benefits to taxpayers. Savings to the public sector add another $5.7 million in benefits due to a reduced demand for government-funded services in Missouri.”

The college, according to SFCC President Dr. Joanna Anderson, continues to strive to prepare students for their future roles in the area workforce.

“The college will continue to be a primary economic engine and workforce development partner,” Anderson said in the press release. “Besides helping students gain the knowledge and skills needed for good jobs, we provide a great value for our taxpayers with a 7.7 percent rate of return on their investment.”

The board was given further information during the meeting to support the role of SFCC students in the work force by Amy Schroeder, director of the Career Plan Assessment Center.

In the 180-day follow-up report, which is a survey of all the Career and Technical Education graduates from the previous year, the college continues to see the majority of their graduates obtain employment.

“We feel very good about the placement of our graduates from these programs,” Anderson said after the meeting. “We had a total of 230 students in those programs and 73 percent are employed.

“Another 18 percent are seeking further degrees at two-year or four-year universities,” Anderson added.

In other actions, the board voted to table the pending sale of the McLaughlin Building.

In 2000, Mary McLaughlin donated the building, which was the home of McLaughlin Furniture, located at 515 S. Ohio Ave., for use by the college. Since that time, the college has used the facility on a limited basis for classes as well as for campus storage.

It was recommended by the Clark Enersen Partners Firm, which completed the Campus Master Plan for SFCC, that the college either find a specific use for the building or the structure be sold. The board will reconsider the sale of the building later.

The board also:

• Approved the bid from Future Tek Inc.,of Columbus, Mississippi, for the purchase of four pneumatic trainers, lab manuals and accessories for use in the IEM classes at the Eldon Campus. The purchase price was $117,380. This will maintain commonality with the Sedalia campus and curriculum. Funding for the purchase is from a 75 percent enhancement grant and 25 percent local funding.

• Approved the purchase of a 2016 Ford F-150, regular cab 3/4 ton 4×4 from State contract. The cost of the truck is approximately $32,000, depending on options. The funding sources are the Motor Pool budget and the Facilities Management budget.

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