Sedalia Walmart Toy Department Manager Nik poses with the store’s Sedalia-Opoly board games in October.

Sedalians have a new option for games to play with family this holiday season. 

Sedalia Walmart, 3201 W. Broadway Blvd., is offering a new form of Monopoly called Sedalia-Opoly, which features well-known locations and events from Sedalia incorporated in the game. 

“It’s obviously a board game that spun off of the original Monopoly,” said Sedalia Walmart Store Manager Adam McMillin. “This company (Late for the Sky Production Company) is actually doing that for multiple communities across the United States. They just put things that are relevant to the history of the community...

“It really just is more relevant to the specific community with all of the different types of things,”  he continued. “It’s got Liberty Park, it’s got the Scott Joplin Mural, Sedalia Country Club, Centennial Park. There are a few businesses on it, I don't know how they determined what that was, but it’s got Kehde’s Barbeque, Little Big Horn, the Cattle Company, North 65 Cafe.”

Sedalia-Opoly is made by a Cincinnati-based Late for the Sky Production Company, a specialty board game manufacturer. The company has been in business for 35 years but just recently started doing a more local approach to their city games, according to Marketing Manager Mike Schulte. Schulte said the company is especially proud their products are U.S.-made, which is something that is “not the norm” in their industry. 

Late for the Sky goes by requests from Walmart on where it should make a new city game and then does all of the research, design, printing, and assembly in its Cincinnati, Ohio, plant.

“When we get a list of the cities that we’re working on we go to the local government site, the chamber of commerce site, and any kind of city marketing sites that are out there to see what spaces work and what doesn’t,” Schulte said. “We make sure we get all the parks that are relevant and any kind of festivals and that kind of stuff we hit on. We also go on social media just to make sure we know we’re not missing anything.”

Schule explained the company has seen great success with its more localized city games, saying people are calling the company “left and right” looking for how they can get a copy of one. 

“Honestly I feel like city pride is always something that is popular,” he said. “People are always proud of where they come from and that type of thing. We found more so the smaller cities have as much or even higher interest in something like this because it’s not something you typically see. This is a game that a lot of people have grown up playing and instead of it being about Atlantic City, which is the original Monopoly, why not it be about your own town?”

McMillin said this has been true at the Sedalia Walmart location with customers having a good response to Sedalia-Opoly. The game retails at $19.98 and is in limited supply. 

“Right now it’s pretty limited because there’s a pretty lengthy production time,” McMillin said. “I still have a very limited supply remaining but will have more coming before Christmas.”

For more information, visit www.lateforthesky.com. 

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