During daily meetings May 11-15, the Pettis County Commission:

• Presiding Commissioner David Dick hosted a COVID-19 conference call with industry leaders.

• Dick, Western Commissioner Jim Marcum and officer administrator Kristen Anderson worked on preparing the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act funding application for Pettis County Auditor Beverly Dillon and Pettis County Prosecuting Attorney Phillip Sawyer to review.

• Dick and Marcum reviewed project qualifications for funding. 

• Dick, Marcum and Eastern Commissioner Israel Baeza met Friday for a bid opening for the Pettis County Highway Department North Ohio location. Nick Asbury was the sole bidder. His bid of $66,400 was accepted and approved. 

• Commissioners reviewed the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act funding application with Pettis County Treasurer Kim Lyne and Sawyer.  

• The census for the Pettis County Jail for the week of May 11 is 87 inmates.

The Pettis County Commission meets at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday in Commission Chambers on the second floor of the Pettis County Courthouse. To make an appointment or to request an issue be placed on the commission’s agenda, call the Pettis County Clerk’s Office at 660-826-5000 ext. 410. 

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