Hello Friends,

It’s been a little while since we last chatted. Eight years, if memory serves me correctly. Some of you will remember that I wrote a column for the Sedalia Democrat at that time but left to fill a seat on the Sedalia School District 200 Board of Education. Many wondered why I quit writing during that time and I would like to explain that I simply did not want my opinion to be perceived as that of the entire board. It was a personal choice and I’m happy that I made it.

For those of you who do not know me, I present to you my life in a nutshell.

I am 52 years old and have lived in Sedalia since I was 11. I have been married to Darren for 30 years. I have one step-daughter, Jennifer, 37, who is married to a fellow named Eric. They have two boys ages 16 and 10. Together, Darren and I have two children. Our daughter, Devin, 27, is married to Ryan and they have three children ages 7, 2 and 4 months. Our son’s name is also Ryan, which brings about much confusion, as you might imagine. He is 23 years old and operates our small business with his dad. If your addition matches mine, I have five grandchildren so far and I am blessed to be called such names as “Gammy,” “Grammy,” “Nonnie,” “Grandma,” “Mommy – no, Grandma,” and “Hurry!” (when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!)

Darren and I own a small business together. We are imperfect Christians who enjoy life most when we are in the outdoors and we adore our five rescue pups, Buddy, 15, Lucy, 14, Charlie, 5, Jax, 2, and my father’s dog, Robbie, 7.

My father, Larry, is a vivacious, loving man who resides with us due to his affliction with Parkinson’s Disease. I’ll tell you more about his treatments another time because I believe this is an important discussion to have.

As mentioned above, I served as Director and Secretary on the Sedalia 200 Board of Education for six years. This will be another topic that I’ll discuss in this column from time to time. Education is one of the most valuable tools we can offer our children and it is very dear to my heart. We are fortunate to have an incredible educational system in our community and it is of utmost importance that we learn about it, teach others about it and support it. Our children are our future and we must not fail them.

I also served on the Child Safe of Central Missouri Board of Directors for a short time. This is a child advocacy program that needs much more attention, as it serves a critical role in the lives of so many abused children. What could be more important than saving a child from all forms of abuse? I cannot fathom. Therefore, I will discuss this topic with you as well.

I enjoy writing about life. There are things that happen to all of us that we often believe only happen to us. There are also things that may only happen to us that others should be conscious and sensitive to. Most are funny, some are serious. Anytime I use a person’s real name, they will know and approve of it in advance. This applies to my children and husband as well. When I seem to be critical, you can be assured that I am being critical from my own experience. I don’t say anything that I do not believe applies to me as well as you. We are all in this life together and it is our obligation to help one another through the walk.  

I am looking forward to sharing life with you again. Thank you for having me back and let’s have a wonderful 2020 together. 

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